Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas KNITTING.

Finally, I must blog about my Christmas knitting. I must say, I'm very pleased. This was the most gigantic knitting undertaking of my LIFE. But I DID IT.

(Relatives who don't live in Washington: your "Christmas knits" are actually birthday presents this year. Stay tuned. I can't do everything. Yet.)

First, I made David mitts. These weren't really for Christmas, but he wanted them, and I finished them on Christmas, so here you go.

For his actual "gift", I made socks!
David's new socks!

Amy got socks too!

Amy's new socks

So did Boo! Hers are the purple ones from this post.

And Mom!
Mom's new socks!

And Dad!
Dad models his socks and blanket from Aunty Jan

And Nama!
Nama points her toes

And Cindy!


And Kristi!

Aunty Kristi's CHristmas 2008


Mom liked the mitts, so I made her some, too:

Christmas 2008


Now I'm starting the daunting yet beautiful Bayerische Socks with the last of my Lindau yarn. Oh yeah, and Jenny wants mitts, and Mom wants the Noro scarf. I will never, ever be bored. :D

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