Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Terrible Christmas Poem, to serve as your card

A word of warning: I am a plasma physicist. Not a poet.
Edited by my mother. The English teacher.

 It's the Time to Christmas

'Twas several weeks before Christmas, 
when all through the townhouse...
Living room
The extra table was for Thanksgiving.
Hall of Morocco pictures
Not an ornament was hangin'
nor from Muffin, a mouse.
Guest/cat bedroom
My bedroom
Obviously...the bathroom.

Future tree was just chillin' 

in its Caldera pen
Valles Grande Caldera
I journey to get it,
 and snatched it right then.

I nestled my pretties 
all snug in our tree

While Muffin snoozed on, glaring
"Don't 'cha try 'n wake me."
Faraday the Magnificent

Adding the Dalek (my mini-Who-tree)
And bordering-on-crazy-cat-lady-but-I-swear-I-didn’t-buy-the-new-one frame

I painted the one on the left...aunts gave me the one on the right

I still have better taste than the neighbor we blame.

When out in the town 
there arose such events!
Los Alamos Winter Parade

A parade, twinkly lights, luminarias--
we were pretty much spent!
Ashley (Pond) Pond
North Mesa Stables Luminaria Walk

 Then along came some snowflakes 
to slow us all down

Powdery hikes, fluffy trees
a welcome break from desert brown!

Here's to one last day of cleaning, 
wrapping, and shopping,
Before down to Albuquerque 
I must be hopping.
The family is coming 
for Christmas with ME!
Oh joyful day--
we'll all sing with glee!

May you all boldly go 
where you've never gone before,
My geek-haven home office

 Spending time--wibbly or wobbly--
with family and more.
More office--note the Star Trek stein

EXTERMINATE your worries and 
CELEBRATE Jesus' birth!




Friday, December 21, 2012

The Wedding of Amy and Bub

August 4, 2012

By K

Amy and Bub's wedding week ran smoothly, thanks to my family's famous planning. A several-page document listed the duties of the bride's family, the groom's family, and many friends. Mine included planning and co-hosting the bachelorette party, accompanying Dad to the airport to retrieve out-of-town family members and to the store to pick up his tux, being fitted for the bridesmaid dress Mom was frantically finishing, enjoying my brother's company, and making sure the bride was happy and our younger sister, caffeinated.
By K

I flew in Saturday. Mom sewed. I drank coffee, and tried the dress on when told.

By K

Sunday-Tuesday, repeat.

On Wednesday, Amy's new sister-in-law, Elena, and I threw a fantastic bachelorette party at Elena's house, if we do say so ourselves. We served carne adovada tacos (bringin' a little southwestern flavor to the northwest!), amazing homemade refried beans and salsa (thanks, Mariela!), fixings from all the gals, brownies from a box, and the hit of the night: an amazing sangria (I used a cabernet sauvigon and added peaches). We played a couple games, embarrassed her only a little, and generally had a great time with about 20 fabulous gals who love Amy to pieces.

On Thursday, Aunt Jody and Cousin Nik arrived from California and Louisiana.

Before the airport stop, I had a blast at Men's Wearhouse with Dad, and could not get over how schnazzy he looks in a suit. I was pretty disappointed, though, that Bubby didn't go with these:

On Friday, the whole gaggle of us descended on the church building to DECORATE. Their decorations were brilliant reds, golds, and purples, an homage to Amy and Bub's strong ties to Morocco. Flowing, rich fabrics draped for a tent, over tables, and around lanterns.

By K

Aunt Kristie and I learned that sometimes, when you are told to drape fabric on a table, and you take twenty minutes getting it just right, the bride will come by later and completely redo it. At that point, you just sip your lattes, smile knowingly at each other, and perhaps work less hard on the next decorating job you are given.

Post-decorating bash, we rehearsed. It was my fourth bridesmaid stint, but walking in a straight line when people are staring at you is still nerve-wracking. Our shoes were flat, bless Amy's dear soul, but juggling a bouquet, two dudes (I got the extra groomsman), and a full-length gown is tricky!

By K

The new in-laws hosted an incredible Moroccan rehearsal supper in their beautiful yard. Tagine, couscous, olives, chobbes...mmmm. We were surrounded by lanterns, Moroccan silver tea sets, and friends on a warm Washington evening.

On Saturday, we woke up early to go get FANCY. Amy and Mom zipped off immediately. Jenny and I took it a bit more slowly, and stopped for some elixir of life.

By K

Amy married into a family with two professional cosmetologists. It turns out that the convenience of this cannot be overstated. For next-to-nothing, the bridesmaids (and bride, obvs) got fabulous
up-dos. The bridesmaids did our own makeup, but Amy got the full Elena Treatment!

We put the dear in her dress...

...and set off to see the paparazza.

By K

By K
By K

By K
 We walked a lot. Through the woods.

  We almost died on a very rickety trampoline (to be fair, it was probably just fine without six adult females jumping on it).
By K

David's gonna keep our new BIL in line.
By K

By K

Finally, it was time to go the chapel! On the way, we stopped for more liquid courage. Natch. We had a lovely prayer time with Amykins, and waited for the go-ahead on the walkie talkie. Marching orders came, and we lined up for the big moment!

By K
 David's taking care of Mumsy.
By K
 Will Dad give her away??
By K

I always bemoan the fact that as a bridesmaid, I am clearly there for the bride, yet I get to look at the groom's face the whole time. Ah well. I love you, I suppose, new BIL. The ceremony went off without a hitch and was lovely. It was also under 30 minutes, so score!

By K

Them's got MARRIED.
By K
I witnessed it. Pretty sure.
By K


After clean-up duties, we whisked ourselves back to the in-laws' beautifully-decorated compound for the outdoor reception. Praise the Lord for the most beautiful Western Washington day you could imagine! Not a drop of rain fell on our merriment!

BFF Bethany drove down for the occasion!

By K

The food was incredible. Tri-tip steaks prepared by an uncle-in-law and a whole pig roasted by the husband of one of Amy's best childhood friends. I hear the cheesecakes were fabulous, but I was too distracted by keeping Amy fed, catching up with childhood friends, and dancing to their terrific music to try them.

By K

Oh and giving a speech. I hate talking to crowds of people. Here, I'm either overcome by love for my sister, whining about being in front of everyone, or feeling indigestion:
By K

The in-laws delighted us with a song, with an apparently naughty Arabic verse that no one would translate for us (Amy fully understood it).
By K

The newly-married couple had their first dances, visited with their guests, and eventually, ran off into the night! (Specifically, up to Whistler, Canada.)

By K

We danced the night away, grabbed some lanterns (Mom and Amy didn't want to keep all 100 of the jars they painted so prettily), stole sparkling cider off tables (we're rebels), and drove home to collapse from exhaustion.

Kind of like this:
By K
 No bridesmaids were hurt with the making of this wedding.

On Sunday, I made my dearest parents wake up before 6am to take me to the airport. Love yooooou.

By K

Congratulations, Amy and Bub! You are a beautiful couple, and may the Lord bless your marriage!

By K

(Pictures "By K" are by their official wedding photographer; the others are from my phone. If you want her details, let me know! Reprinted with permission from the bride. :) )