Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Purple Foot Monster
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I've been incredibly busy this summer, and busily knitting, too!

First we have my current project: purple socks. Third pair, and this one FINALLY fits me! :D

Next, we see my second pair of socks: rust ones for a Christmas gift.
MIT Free Housing Socks

Here is my FIRST pair of socks: blue and purple gigantic things.
How do you photograph your own foot?

We have Mateo's handwarmers (he owes me a latte):

We have Audrey's shower gifts:
Kitchen towel!

Flower Washcloths

And we have Bill's scarf in action:
Bill and his scarf!

Whew. I have so many projects in my queue, it's wonderfully insane.

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Jennifer said...

SOCKS! I recognize that pattern...someone brilliant must have shown you that.