Race Recaps

I love to RUN. The best way to keep me motivated is to sign me up for a race and give me a training schedule. I'm not competitive; I run for myself. :)

Here are all of my race recaps!

Current (Official) Personal Records (PRs)
Half Iron triathlon 7:53:09 (Toughman 2015)
Olympic triathlon 3:32:38 (City of Lakes 2015)
Sprint triathlon 1:50:42 (Los Alamos 2014)
Marathon: 5:01:48 (Seattle Marathon 2010)
Half marathon: 2:08:29: (Asbury Park 2010)
10k: 1:00:39 (Newport 10k 2009)
5k: 27:53 (Carnegie 5k, 2009)

Toughman half Iron August 2015 (7:53:09)

Firecracker 5k, July 2015 (no recap) (31:07)

City of Lakes Olympic Tri July 2015 (3:32:38)

Las Campanas Compadres Super Sprint Tri September 2014 (1:26:11)

Los Alamos Sprint Triathlon August 2014 (1:50:42)

Firecracker 5k, July 2014  (no recap) (31:36)

Jemez Mountain Trail Runs Half marathon, May 2014 3:49:52

Valles Caldera 10k, May 2014 1:22:39

Tucson Marathon, December 2013

Pajarito Trail Fest 10k, October, 2013 (In snow, straight up, across, and down the ski hill: 1:41:49)

Roswell Alien Chase 10k, July 2013 (no recap)  1:03:31

YMCA Firecracker 5K, July 2013 (no recap) 32:19

Marine Corps Marathon, October 2012 (no recap)

Santa Fe to Buffalo Thunder Half Marathon, September 2012 (no recap, first at high altitude)

Long Branch Half Marathon, May 2012 (no recap, completed with brother, David)

Oddyssey Half Marathon, May 2011

NYC Half Marathon, March 2011

Seattle Marathon, November 2010

Philly Rock'n'Roll Half, September 2010 (no recap)

Tough Mudder, May 2010

Cupid's Chase 5k, February 2010, and Asbury Park Half Marathon, April 2010

Disney World Marathon, January 2010

Frosty 5k, December 2009: a race friends and I organized!

Carnegie 5k, September 2009: a PR on the first anniversary of my very first race.

Philadelphia Distance Run, September 2009 (now Philly Rock'n'Roll Half)

Eden 5k, July 2009: TINY blurb.

Newport 10k, May 2009

Mayday Relay, May 2009

First race, and first time running more than three miles: Carnegie 5k in September, 2008. :D



Jemez Trail 50k

Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon

London Marathon

Berlin Marathon

Athens Marathon


50 miler

100 miler?!?!?!?!?