Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Home is a Winter Wonderland

Snow snow snow! How INCREDIBLE that the northwest got 1.5 feet (so far!) of the beautiful stuff. A-maze-ing. Of course, it's more amazing for those of us who got home, and don't have to go anywhere really.

I flew home in the window between storms on both ends. New Jersey had freezing rain and slush on Friday and late on Saturday, but Meg and Luc drove me safely to Newark early Saturday morning. Because of the snow storm in Seattle on Friday, my plane was late arriving, so I sat for three hours. That was fine--I had a gingersnap latte, a view of the runway, and Christmas knitting to finish! We landed in SeaTac, I found my family, and we set off for home just as another snowstorm began. Praise the Lord: we arrived safely before the roads got too bad!


Sunday and yesterday were much alike. All six of us (and Maddie and Ash) had nowhere to go, so we cozied up to the fire and the tree, drank the family's favorite drink (coffee!), and amused ourselves with computers, books, or knitting (well, I did).

Amy, Dad, Mom, David

Of course, both days, we bundled up, roused the pooch, and trudged out into the SNOW! A foot and a half, I must say again, is INCREDIBLE for our area. Usually, we have to drive three hours to play in such fine precipitation!

Bird Dog!

While our saucers weren't quite right for the type of snow, the runner sled was PERFECT. We zipped our way down a couple hills in the neighborhood, and got our exercise hiking back!


The whole fam explored the wilderness for an hour or so. Maddie LOVED pouncing on snowballs, swimming through snowdrifts, and sniffing ice-covered bushes. She was NOT, however, so fond of ice balls accumulating on her tail and leg feathers! Poor baby!

Dad is a wilderness man.

We all warmed up with lattes and Christmas cookies and family favorite movies. Amy and I played our traditional Christmas piano duets, and traditionally messed them up fabulously. We still got applause from our appreciative parents! I love being home. :)