Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas, part I

Aaw Dad and Mumsy.
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Leading up to Christmas Day, we had a few family activities (yay togetherness!). Half of the fam LOVES Scrabble. Half of us do not exactly love it. We paired a lover with a hater for our Christmas Eve Eve game...guess who is who?

Worst Scrabble hand EVER.

David is serious...Amy not so much.

We watched family favorites (George of the Jungle with Brendan Fraser, Muppets Christmas Carol...), ate popcorn out of those tins with the three kinds (cheese RULES), drank coffee:
Davey loooves coffee.

played on the computer (except when the power was out):
Dad and his 'puter

and loved on Madeline:
Maddie Dearest

We also DECORATED and DRESSED ourselves all festively:

I model by the tree.

Jenny models Dad's slippers.

Amy is sooo pretty.

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