Friday, April 29, 2011

Mawage! Mawage is what bwings us togetha today.

Congratulations, Prince William and Princess Duchess Catherine!
(Sorry, I just learned she won't hold the title of "Princess" until Charles is King?)

I have shamelessly been caught up in Royal Wedding Mania since the beginning. Since the speculation started, really, that Wills would marry Kate. I'm most definitely in the huge group of 20-somethings who had a crush on Will when we were tweens and teens. The infatuation is long gone, and I'm just quite happy for him and his lovely, classy, poised, wonderful bride! ;)

***For those of you who don't care, come back next post. I promise this is the only one on this subject. ;) ***

This morning, my alarm blared at 3:55am. I leaped out of bed with a spring I can never muster for a morning run. I hugged my incredibly confused, groggy cat, and then madly searched for live streaming of pre-ceremony coverage.

I was quickly joined online by my BFF, Bethany JO. She, the dear, is in Washington State, so it was 1:00am. We chatted for the next three and a half hours. We spent two of those hours watching a huge horde of British people arrive in the most INCREDIBLE hats. Seriously. Hats. Galore. Why don't we wear amazing hats, I ask you?? Hats that clearly serve no useful purpose! Victoria Beckham's and the Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie's hats were the craziest. You can clearly find better pictures all over the internet, but you can see the Princesses on my screen shot:
Screenshot from The Wedding Day

We streamed coverage from CNN, the official Royal YouTube channel (heeheehee), and BBC. Yes. At. The. Same. Time.
The media coverage is incredible. Only a few stalwart souls were awake on Facebook with Bethany and me, but HATS OFF TO YOU, MY FRIENDS.

For those of you in Britain with no timezone excuse: I do hope you were out partying.

Look at Google Doodle from today:
Google Doodle

Love Google!! :D

My sister, Amy, who is in Morocco, joined us online in time for the ceremony. We were struck by the size of the crowds, the beautiful Abbey (which I visited on my only trip to London!), the pomp and circumstance, the boys choir, the organ, the trees (inside), the adorable Queen, the smartly uniformed William and Harry, the cute wee bridesmaids and lovely Pippa, and of course: the gorgeous Catherine. Her dress was beautiful. I am not normally fond of long-sleeved wedding gowns, but hers looked perfect on her. As did the tiara--quite fit for a princess!

Bethany left me for bed around 4:30am her time. I took a break from royal coverage to shower and get dressed for the day. I'm wearing my Easter dress, because it's a special occasion, gosh darn it!

My dress, on Easter:
Easter, April 24, 2011, Caesar Salad
(The salad, which I'm proudly displaying, is my first attempt at making my family's traditional Caesar salad. My grandpa passed the recipe on to Dad, who sent it to me. He even gave me a pep talk Easter morning over the phone before I made it. Never fear! It was delicious.)

Don't worry, I was back in front of my computer in time for THE KISS! The tradition, apparently, for royal British weddings is to not kiss at the ceremony, but to kiss for the first time in public as husband and wife on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. I'm sure you've already seen better pictures online, but here's another screenshot:

It was fantastic. I'm so glad I woke up to watch the historical event, even if it's all a wee bit silly. I do wish it was a US National Holiday like it is in the UK, but I'm off to lab in my bright blue lacy dress for as long as the Caffeine can keep me conscious.

Cheers to the happy couple, and many prayers that they stay strong together!


Abby said...

Oh my gosh I was away all weekend so couldn't check your blog until now! Fabulous coverage and you are my hero for waking up for it! Also, I can't believe we ended our posts almost the same way :)

physikerin said...

Abby--I love that we had the same thought for the ending, too. :) Yay royal weddings!