Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stress-free! Wien und Praha, Part II

Crazy CAT!!
This is kind of how I felt at midnight last night, while I was editing slides...

...I gave my talk today! It was moved up from Thursday, so I had a very late night of last-minute preparations, which even continued this morning up to noon. I gave it at 2:30, didn't die, and don't have to worry as much for the rest of the workshop. Sweet.

In the last three days, I've eaten two meals of Schnitzel (fried breaded pork) and one of Cordon Bleu (fried breaded chicken stuffed with ham and cheese), accompanied by really good and quite-vinegared potatoes, cucumbers, and cabbage. Today, I am avoiding the fried-breaded-deliciousness. I'll have more before I leave...

To get to WPI, where the workshop is held, we walk around or through the University of Vienna and some very interesting buildings, which remind me of space pods at a space station:
Space pods?
More space station buildings
View of space-pod-building

I adore this tram station:
Sweet tram stop

And this sweet graffiti:
Vienna graffiti


This is the largest sign we've found indicating where WPI actually is, which led to a few lost physicists Monday morning:

Finally, I must leave for dinner in the city center (finally, on my third evening here, I'll see the pretty downtown!). Enjoy these pictures from my hotel bathroom:
Strange name for tissue...

Strange name for handsoap...

Pretty sure I've never seen such amusing English choices in Europe before.


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