Sunday, April 10, 2011

"You think everything is so close." Wien und Praha, Part III

Karlskirche by moosicalmath
Karlskirche, a photo by moosicalmath on Flickr.

The internets don't want to upload all of my photos today. Here's the one that slipped past the guards and posted! This, my friends, is Karlskirche, near Karlsplatz, Wien, Österreich.

I've had such a lovely time in Vienna! The workshop ended well ( last days were good; it's still going on without me now). I have new directions for my research and a better understanding of my colleagues' work. Best of all, I got to know more interesting people and became quite familiar with a beautiful new city!

A European friend this week said, "you Americans come over here and think everything is so close."

But it is.

If you consider that I grew up on the west coast and routinely roadtripped with my family for 30 hours through only three *states*.

I moved to the east coast, and realized that I could drive through at least *five* states in *three* hours (depending on traffic).

So European country-hopping? No probleeem.

Today, I jaunted off to Bratislava, Slovakia, for a few hours. It's only 14 Euros roundtrip for the hour-long train ride from Vienna. I had a terrific time by myself in a new country and will post many pictures of that someday, too! :D

Tonight, I'm spending my last night in Austria. :(

Tomorrow, I'm off to the Czech Republic!!! Stay tuned for details of my third country in two days! Ha!

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