Sunday, April 3, 2011

Guten Tag, Wien! Wien und Praha Part I

Still in a jetlag-stupor, from only sleeping an hour or so on the flight and another hour in my hotel room, I am nonetheless happily in Vienna!

The flight over was smooth. I was impressed by Lufthansa's selection of food and beverages (particularly the complimentary wine and post-dinner Bailey's or brandy). My seat was beautifully an aisle in the middle five of our big 747. Though my nearest neighbor snored, he was pleasant when awake! Our connection in Frankfurt was tight, but both my advisor and I made it with ten minutes to spare.

And my passport received its third German entrance stamp.

Sadly, it means I didn't get an Austrian stamp. Silly EU.

A driver and prof from MIT were waiting for us and we drove off through green and sunny Österreich! Seriously: it's like 75 degrees.

At my hotel, I took an amazing hot shower. So long, travel grime! I met up with a plasma buddy and we ventured out to find a Geldautomat (ATM) and real food. Gyros and a beer composed my first Austrian meal. :)

After a thorough nap, finishing Mockingjay WHICH I STARTED ON THE PLANE IN NEWARK, uunpacking, and perusing my Vienna guidebook, I found more plasma people in the lobby. We walked to the other hotel (the posh one with our bosses/advisors), found a very Austrian pub, and I ate Wienerschnitzel. In Wien. :D

(It tasted exactly like Schnitzel in Berlin, but don't tell anyone.)

Finally, I'm back in my room, ready to drift off to dreamland any second.

Gute Nacht!
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