Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bellingham with the BFF

In December 2010 (so long ago), I spent a couple of days up in Bellingham, WA, with my best friend forever, Bethany JO. Beth and I go way back. We met at a slumber party around when we were ten. We instantly bonded over the devastation that our young foodie selves felt when we were only allowed one slice of pizza for dinner and NO DESSERT. At a SLUMBER PARTY. THE HORROR.

We reconnected a year or two later, when we cleaned house and watched the children of a woman in our church pregnant with triplets. Then, we were in homeschool band together. Now, still BFFs.

She collected me from SeaTac and we started the two hour drive north to Bellingham. First things first: Cedars called. This is without a doubt the best Indian food I've ever had. Their coconut or mango curry with lamb and their bottomless chai were staples in college at UW. I'm positive they've been on the blog before.

Fueled by countless mugs of chai, we chatted long into the night. The next morning, she went off to work like a good girl, while I slept in and woke up to:

NELLIE, Bethany's dear cat. She is a friendly lap cat who makes weird chirping noises at birds.

After a slow, relaxing morning, I walked through cute downtown Bellingham to Starbucks, where I entertained myself for a couple of hours until Bethany was off work:
Enjoying Starbs and a good book

I thoroughly enjoy meetings friends of friends whom I've heard about for years. I was a wee bit overwhelmed, however, by the evening's activity: a 30-person lingerie shower. Oh yes. They were super fun girls who welcomed me, fed me delicious taco salad (with ranch dressing. Who knew. I am in love.), and bought the blushing bride many, many embarrassing gifts. Ahem. Sarah, you'll look terrific. Nice to meet you.

Our final day was an adventure back down to Seattle. A mission we set for ourselves: find affordable and beautiful sock yarn and sock-appropriate double-pointed needles (DPNs) for Bethany's very first socks.

Beth drove me down picturesque Chuckanut Drive, singing:
My singing driver
Chuckanut drive
The Sound
Drivin' down from Bellingham

We stopped at Michael's along the way. Michael's had sock yarn, but not the right DPNs. We moved on.

We saw some snow north of Seattle:

But then it was gone.

Another culinary tradition of ours is Trophy Cupcakes. They have ALSO been on the blog before.

Beth got her staple, Chocolate with Vanilla:
Chocolate with Vanilla at Trophy!

While I chose a new one, Chocolate with Cream Cheese:
So excited for my chocolate cream cheese cupcake at Trophy

Trophy, in my opinion, is the best I've ever had. They even beat Magnolia Bakery, my favorite in Manhattan. A key difference: Trophy has the perfect amount of frosting. Magnolia has too much. I'm never able to do this to a Magnolia cupcake:

(Never fear, Magnolia, Amy-sister and I will visit you next weekend. We still love you.)

The Wallingford Center (home to Trophy) has a beautiful little yarn shop. They had wonderful DPNs and gorgeous yarn. Sadly, it was for at least twice the amount I spend on supplies myself. Bethany tore herself away and we kept looking.

We continued our tour of Seattle eating establishments with lunch at Red Mill Burgers on Phinney Ridge. Red Mill Burgers, as they claim, is one of the Top 20 Burgers You Must Eat Before You Die, according to GQ and Oprah. Our burgers were, in fact, delicious.
Red Mill Burgers!
Red Mill Burgers is in Oprah's top 25 burger joints.
Delicious fries

Next up: Starbucks. Next door. Heh. We had to charge my Droid, a.k.a. our guide. While sitting, I knitted. Thinking that such a cute area must have a yarn shop, we checked my phone: YES! Just three streets down! We zipped over there and found that the prices were no better than Wallingford. Oh well. She gave up, and I sent her off to the awesome Knit Picks, my source for all needles and affordable yarn. :)

Finally, we had to part ways at the ferry terminal. Much love to you, Bethany dear!

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