Saturday, April 2, 2011

Backen auf Deutsch, Part IX: #18 Kokos-Lamingtons

Heute fliege ich nach Wien, Österreich! Today, I'm flying to Vienna, Austria! In honor of a German-speaking land, here's the latest installment in Backen auf Deutsch.

Our March birthdays at lab were Nik and Jeff. Nik specifically requested walnut brownies, and I specifically wanted to bake out of 1 Teig, 100 Kuchen again, so I did both.

I had most of the ingredients for this recipe, so my decision was easy!

#18 Kokos-Lamingtons

#18 Kokos-Lamingtons

As always, I started baking pretty late. Like around 9pm.

Thankfully these are super easy and the batter tastes suuuper good:

I'm getting so good at measuring using my food scale. I needed 360 grams (I doubled the entire thing) of sugar, and would you look at that??


Awesome Mixer Version 2 arrived recently (Version 1 stopped working entirely, so Sears mailed me another) and made mixing the batter a breeze:

The batter was a lovely, light vanilla-cake-batter flavor. Nicely contrasted with the rich Ghiradelli brownie batter.

While the cake baked, I decided to give you a mini-tour of highlights in my apartment.

First, naturally, there is Faraday, meine Katze:

Next, here are my most recent medals, meine Medaillen:
Most recent medals

Turning to the bookshelf, we find the books (meine Bücher) read by my book club, FTC (The Finer Things Club):
FTC books

Minus The Hunger Games, which was out on loan.

A shelf over, the books I intend to read are chillin':

I get to start Mockingjay today on the trip; I'm soooo excited. It's a terrific series!

Books I'm currently reading adorn the coffee table:

I'm not a good monogamous reader.

Finally, these beauties were done!

They needed to COMPLETELY cool...but it was about 10pm and I was getting sleepy. So, the cakes sat only as long as it look to mix up chocolate frosting.

After pouring in the dry ingredients, all 1080 grams of them:

I questioned the directions. Only ten Tblsp of melted butter and 2/3 cup boiling water for all of this???

That's what it said.

I trusted it.

It worked!! I'm in awe.

The cake was definitely NOT cool, but I had to get movin'. I cut it into cubes, added a cube to the frosting, rolled it around...and it mooshed. Yep. I squished it together, rolled it in coconut:


And continued for a few, sad more:

Finally, in total frustration, I decided to turn the batch into cake balls:

I TOTALLY ENJOYED mashing the warm cake into the soft frosting. It was glorious. I mixed in coconut, rolled it up into little balls, and refrigerated them until morning:
Cake balls instead!

The brownies had their own special problems. I aimed for chewy and slammed right into gooey. We ended up buying vanilla ice cream and serving the "brownies" like hot fudge! It was DELICIOUS. The boys were thoroughly satisfied.

The cake balls were also a complete success! A couple people said the combination reminded them of pralines. They were enjoyed all week, because I made so many. Yeeeeaah!


Changes made:
~doubled the recipe
~turned it into cake balls instead of Lamingtons
Next time would:
~Try cooling the cake completely. Like forever.
~Attempt to actually make Lamingtons.
Perfect for:
People who like coconut and rich chocolate!

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