Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pictures for Germany, Part IV

Pictures for this post!

They are all, naturally here; many more than I'm posting below.

August 8th, 2010

This was my rainy Sunday alone! First, chiefly for Mom and Dad, I cleaned (mostly) my apartment and then took pictures:

I'm fond of my stairs and coffeemaker:
My stairs

This is the top view of my living room:
Top view of my living room

THIS is my awesome present to myself from Berlin!!
Present to myself!

I'm so excited about it. 100 German cake recipes. In German. With metric measurements. I'm going to buy a kitchen scale once my bank account recovers and then bake up a storm. Be prepared, Friends.

My other reading material:
Reading material.

Front of my friendly building:
Front walk

I'm awed by their recycling:
They do not mess around.

Berry on my walk:
Another berry

The handy trail to the shopping center and IPP:

The power station has a painting of W7-X! :D (The twisted yellow and blue doughnut thing)
Power station?

Painting on the side of the shopping center, showing locations of this electronics store in a very distorted map of the earth:
This is the world. Europe is HUGE!
It shows you where I am, though! :D

Shopping center Sunday ghost town:
Hello, Elisen Park.

It sure is nice to have so close by.
Goodbye, Elisen Park.

And there is IPP!
ALSO nice to have so close by. :)

August 11th, 2010

Here are pictures from my lovely run in the direction of Wieck and the beach, which never found Wieck and the beach! Ha!

These are all taken with my Droid. :)

My first thatched roof cottage:
Sweet roof

This is where I finally turned around and headed back:
Where I turned around

Another pretty power station (?) and wheat:

It reminds me of Morocco:

My path:
The long road on which I ran too far

The inlet which turns into the Baltic Sea!
Inlet which leads to the Baltic!

Green field of somethin':

Lastly, the wonderful bike-and-pedestrian-only trail:


I owe you pictures of IPP, the baby storks, and our medieval-style dinner. I am exhausted from a terrific but long day in the rain out on Usedom, an island near here with beach resorts, a nature preserve, and (my destination) Peenemünde: the birthplace of the rocket and Wernher von Braun's test site for the V1! :)

Til next time,

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