Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Berlin! Germany, Part III

August 7, 2010

Early Saturday morning, Karla knocked on my door (she lives a floor above me) and we shared a cab to the Greifswald Bahnhof. You-shan met us, and we caught the 8:30am train to BERLIN! YAAAY! For the first couple of stops, the train was FILLED with Germans and their bikes: it's holiday time, and an island with beaches and trains isn't too far from Greifswald. Once they exited, we settled into our comfy Deutsche Bahn seats for the three-hour ride. Even though we were all tired from being out late the night before, we chatted the whole way to the city. :)

The main point of our visit was to see Inception in 3D and "in its original language!" (Greifswald apparently only offers it in 2D and German.) So, we left the train at Potsdamer Platz, to buy our tickets before continuing on with the day. SADLY, it was no longer in 3D. Boo.

Potsdamer Platz is a big, open-air area with restaurants, movie theater, film museum, and circus-tent roof:
We excited the train toooo Potsdamer Platz!!

Karla wanted us to choose activities until the movie, as she's been there more often. SADLY (?!), You-shan and I had seen everything she suggested (I only spent 1.5 days in Berlin on my other Germany trip, but I COVERED GROUND, BABY)! Finally, we decided to see how awful the line was to visit the glass cupola of the Reichstag (capitol building).

On the way, I saw the green walking men with hats! Ich liebe den grünen Ampelmann!
Der grüne Ampelmann!!!

We passed the Brandenburg Tor:
Brandenburg Tor

And saw the Reichstag:

The line was, sadly, epically long. Yes. Epically. So I just got a picture with it:
Chillin' with the Reichstag

We found a delicious little Asian restaurant um Mittagessen zu essen und ein Bier zu trinken.

Afterward, we took the S-Bahn over to the East Side Gallery, the longest standing portion of the Berlin Wall. It's been turned into an art gallery and memorial. It was quite impressive and beautiful! Some were serious, some were funny, some were just strange. Here are some of my favorites, with many more on Flickr:

Love Parade? :(

Bonding with Einstein

"He who wants the world to stay as it is, doesn't want it to stay at all":
"He who wants the world to stay as it is, doesn't want it to stay at all."


Buddies for the day, You-shan and Karla:
Youshan and Karla


And finally, why is SHE here? Ah Lady Liberty...
Hello again, Lady Liberty

Back at Potsdamer Platz, we were thrilled by the Magnums at the concession stand in the theater and the neighboring espresso bar...IN THE THEATER.

Karla wonders what exactly is in the Magnum GOLD?! "paint" on the chocolate coating:

It's underneath a fountain:
Light and water

We all loved Inception. This was my second time, and it was still fantastic. Yaaay!

We had about an hour to kill before the train to Greifswald, so we wandered. We saw a Lego Giraffe (advertising Legoland). I was amused by the lone blue Lego on his behind.
Prank? I hope so:
Blue Lego

We ended in a bookstore, in which I bought a wonderful gift for myself. I will have a picture of it in the next post. :)

Once again, we chatted the whole ride home, although I wasn't exactly lucid for much of it. ;) We were home by 12:30am!

I Skyped with Mom and Dad around 1am (my time; 4pm their time). Then I crashed!!

More pictures, as always, on Flickr.

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