Monday, August 9, 2010

Pictures for Germany, Part II

Here are the rest of the pictures for this post. :)

August 6th

On my delightful evening alone, wandering the town center before meeting people for drinks, I took many, many pictures. Here are a few, and the rest (as always) are on Flickr

First, we have my dinner:delightful, wonderful Döner kebab.
Döner, I heart thee.

Colorful buildings, church spires, and cobblestones:
Cobblestones and Cathedrals
Main square

Iron statues and glassy ponds:
Not sure what these represent

Nikolaikirche, started in 1280 and finished in 1450 (my reference):
Kirche Tür
Dad, daughter, and Kirche

I learned that Greifswald was for a long time Swedish!
Griefswald History
He looks normal...
Hi, Greifswald Man.

The Washingtonians with their dreary summer won't understand, but perhaps the New Jerseyans and their Extreme Heat Warning Summer of Doom will: I AM SO EXCITED TO BE COMFORTABLE, OUTSIDE, WEARING JEANS.
Self-portrait, to show that I am wearing jeans, in August.

Beautiful details everywhere:
(a close-up of the poem on that wall is here)

Such a small town, such contrasts:
Nikolaikirche und Park

Such a small town, such a lot of deliciousness:
Gummi Bär Land!!!
Quark und Heidelbeere Eiiiis!
Erste deutsches Bier!

Ich bin dein Gummi Bär,
P.S. the Eis is Quark (say-it-with-me: "kvark") und Heidelbeere: cheese curd and blueberry. More delicious in German than English, no?
P.P.S. People look at you strangely when you photograph your beer.

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Tiana said...

I heart Greifswald and miss it sooooo much!!!