Saturday, August 14, 2010

Good times, Germany, Part V

August 12th, 2010

The rest of the pictures for this post. :)

My borrowed office:
My desk

The storks (my camera doesn't zoom far enough) in the rain:
Baby storks!

And scenes from our no-utensils Medieval meal at Der Wallensteinkeller. Please note how wet and bedraggled we look.

First, we have the menus in old German, next to our delicious mead:

Here are Ralf from Norway, Georg from Germany, Dustin from Dartmouth, and Simone from Germany:
Ralf, Knight, Georg, Dustin, Simone

Here is my COMPLETELY DELICIOUS AND AMAZING and not really meant to be eaten without utensils meal of rabbit, Knödel, and cabbage:
Langohr, Knödel, Kraut

Here I am, eating my rabbit, with Eva from Poland looking on:
This is a no-utensil establishment!

Here is Eva from Poland laughing at my attempt to eat rapidly-falling-apart potato balls:
Knödel is really not meant to be eaten by hand.

Our darling server washed all of the boys' hands for them...
She washed the guys' hands..

...and made the boys wash OUR hands! Here Dustin takes care of Stephanie:
...and made the guys wash our hands!

The restaurant was in a basement (Keller=basement) and had sweet decor:
Pretty sweet basement restaurant

Dustin tries to steal a weapon

My knight in shining armor

Knight, I shall name you Fritz.

August 13th, 2010

The last couple of days, I'd been feeling overwhelmed by being totally surrounded by German and depressed by my lack of understanding. I was in a shy mood, and feeling intimidated by the group of physicists on my floor who briefly spoke in English to me for an introduction and ignored me (I felt) and spoke in fast German all through tea time and lunch. Boo. I was also a bit lost in my research and needed to see my collaborator again, but still hadn't heard from him.

THEN. Friday the 13th dawned. I woke up happy and cheerfully arrived at work. Half an hour later, P showed up! Yaaay! We had a good chat and he set me off in a new, productive direction. Excellent.

At lunch, they actually talked to me! We had a good English conversation, and then I understood a good bit of the German (but didn't participate :)). I think physicists are just shy. But we are slowly warming up to each other.

I biked downtown after work to get more Quark und Heidelbeere Eis and hang out in a bookstore. I found a short, easy-looking novel which was on (German newspaper) Der Spiegel's bestseller list: Der Geschmack von Apfelkernen (the Taste of Apple Seeds). I also bought a present for Mom (one of her favorite kids' books in German) and a history book of Greifswald.

That evening, a sweet Swedish couple invited Karla and I over for tea and cookies. They are moving back to Sweden and were saying goodbye to Karla; they kindly included me. :)

I FORGOT one of the most important parts of the day. I got fed up with my gear shifter thingy falling off every three minutes, so I got out my pink duct tape (yes, which I brought from home, for perfectly good reasons) and fixed it:
There I fixed it.

It's held for many, many miles and through much rain. :)


Erica said...

So glad you found the book!!! And I'm super excited that Friday the 13th turned out to be productive for you :)

Skavookie said...

I'm just imagining you using pink duck tape on a stellarator or tokamak.