Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jenny visits her sis for an extended sister-date.

From July 16-20, 2009, my darling youngest sister, Jenny Boo, visited me, my cat, and my cute lil' apartment. The 16-year-old flew on her first solo flight, thoroughly enjoying herself with her iPod and books, and was met by a very enthusiastic me with my gorgeous artsy sign:


(I've called her Boo since she was 4? 5? She still answers to it, so I will keep using it!)

We got Ruby Tuesdays take-out, relaxed, and played with Faraday:
Farad likes his Aunt Jenny!

The next day, I had to work a bit. She amused herself at home with Farad and Darleen (ahem my MacBook). In the evening, we had a surprise-ish birthday dinner for Luc, after helping him move into his new apartment! YES. I put my sister to work on her second day here. She had fun (I think) meeting Meg, Luc, Malissa, and Chaim--and they seemed to think she was pretty cool, too.

Saturday was our AWESOME adventure! As any hostess in Princeton should do, I took her to New York. We and our coffee waited in the Junction for the train:

Waitin' for the train!

We decided that Jenny didn't want to see Shrek the Musical:
Jenny does NOT want to see Shrek the Musical
She'd rather stick with our original plan of seeing Wicked. ;)

Upon arrival at Penn Station, we started our walking tour. We headed down to Magnolia Bakery, stopping for a while in a random street fair. It was terrific--Jenny bought several earrings, and I found one of those wrap-dresses which you can wear 230498 different ways (but I have yet to wear it period). At Magnolia, I got a white cupcake with buttercream frosting, and she got something mocha chocolate. As usual, they were amazing, and we couldn't finish them.
Magnolia Bakery!

On the way back uptown, we stopped in the Fashion Institute of Technology's Fashion Museum. I highly recommend it--it's free!! The displays are few but fun. We also stopped for lunch at a random cafe.

Of course, we spent several minutes taking pictures in Times Square. Jenny LOVES photography, and does a very good job! She also LOVES New York. :)
Jenny adores this city.

We both bought $8 sundresses, which are ADORABLE.

We wandered up to Central Park, and spent a couple of hours strolling, sitting, reminiscing, and photographing:
Sisters enjoyin' the Park
Central Park Statues

So, McDonald's is trying very hard to promote its McCafe drinks, so hard that I received coupons for free espresso drinks in the mail from them. Jenny got an iced mocha:
They were barely worth drinking for free.

And I had a latte. WELL. While an interesting concept--home of the Big Mac offering specialty coffee drinks--they were worth drinking only because we didn't pay for them. In fact, we didn't finish drinking them. Sigh.

In any case, they gave us a much needed caffeine boost before our evening's entertainment:

WICKED!!! I saw this two years ago, and fell completely in love with it. I can sing most of the songs for you. For Jenny's 16th birthday, I promised to take her to a Broadway show. She'd only seen Phantom of the Opera, and, excited by my enthusiasm, set her hopes on Wicked. It's a good thing I love the chick so much--Wicked tickets are NOT cheap!

We sat in the sixth from very last row in the balcony, but we were centered, so we had a terrific view. Jenny adored it!! I enjoyed it this time around, too. :)
The Dragon and Me!

We caught the train home and crashed.

Jenny slept in late, while I got up early and ran a 5k. :) Afterward, we dressed up in our cute $8 dresses and drove out to Lambertville, NJ, a super cute little town with fun shops and cafes. We had delicious salads at the Full Moon Cafe:
Jenny and her $8 NYC dress peruse the menu.

At home that evening, Jenny and Faraday bonded in new and strange ways:
Fierce Veggie Warrior Princess

What ARE you going to do with my vegetables??

Sadly, it was all over too soon. She packed:
Nooo Boo don't leave me!!!

I kissed her gorgeous cheeks, and sent her off on her way!

At Newark to say goodbyyye. :(


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