Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rock Band Cake!

Y'all know how much I love to bake. I bake cookies. I bake brownies. I bake cupcakes. I bake cakes. For the Tokabats, I baked a Tokacake. For Josh's birthday, I baked another Tokacake. Rachel and I recently, for no good reason, decorated cupcakes to look like kitty faces and sunflowers. (See lots of that here.)

So, when Luc told us that he found a wiki how-to make a Rock Band drum set cake, it was natural that he, as Meg's fiance, and I, as her good friend who really enjoys baking, attempt to make ourselves one for her birthday!

Here, in my own words, is our own adaptation of that rather gigantic confectioned musical instrument replica...replica.


Ingredients and Tools
2 boxed cake mixes
2 cans of chocolate frosting
1 can of cream cheese frosting
Black, red, blue, yellow, and green food coloring

1 13x9 pan
4 mini-Bundt tins
1 cookie sheet

Ziploc bags
Really good spreading knives (I used cheese knives)
2 chopsticks

1. Mix up and bake cake in 13x9 and Bundt tins.
2. Carefully remove cake from Bundt tins. These are your drums.
3. Moosh cake pieces back into the shape they should have been when removed from Bundt tins.
4. Cut 13x9 cake in half. One half is your controller.
5. Arrange four Bundt cakes on cookie sheet like drums.
6. Cut out a semicircle on either side of the controller; insert a drum on either side.
7. Moosh semicircle waste into a foot pedal. Arrange on cookie sheet.
See Figure 1.

Figure 1:
Creating a Rock Band Drum Set Cake.

8. Dump both cans of chocolate frosting into a mixing bowl and dye it black. This will take lots of black food coloring. Lots.
9. Spread it liberally, but not with too much gusto, onto the cake, which will probably crumble and require much mooshing and molding and glopping and glueing. Be sure to get all crevices.
See Figures 2 and 3.

Figure 2:
Carefully frosting the cake.

Figure 3:

10. Split the cream cheese frosting into four bowls, saving about a teaspoon in a fifth bowl.
11. Dye the teaspoon-sized portion orange (using red and yellow food coloring, perhaps?), and each other bowl red, blue, green, or yellow.

Now, you are ready for your detailed frosting!
12. Take a Ziploc bag, open it, fill it with frosting, and zip it up, squeezing out all of the air.
13. Squish the frosting down into one (non-zip-side) corner.
14. Reinforce the corner with scotch tape (a couple of layers).
15. Snip a small V into the taped-up corner.
16. PRACTICE on the extra half-a-13x9! Squeeze the bag and notice how thick the frosting is and how well you can control making tubes and dots.

17. Decorate as in Figure 4! :D

Figure 4:
VOILA! Rockband Drum Set Cake!!!

18. We used paper towels to carefully clean the frosting drips off of the cookie sheet.
19. We could not let our extra half-a-13x9 cake and extra frosting go to waste, so we went to TOWN, and brought Figure 5 to lab for our very, very happy labmates!

Figure 5:
With the leftovers, pretend you are Jackson Pollack.

While we were having the birthday party at Josh's house, with his brand-new Beatles Rock Band (which, incidentally, Luc, Meg, and I bought him for HIS birthday), we made Meg come to my place to see her cake. We were afraid, you know, it might be destroyed in transit.

She came in with eyes closed...
Keep your eyes cloooosed.

...and was HAPPY!!! ...if honestly not a bit surprised. ;)

Later, at Josh's, after playing STRAIGHT THROUGH Beatles Rock Band in ONE SITTING, we set the drums on fire:
Drums...on FIRE!
(So, how old is she?)

We sang (we were totally warmed up after BRB):
"Haaappy Biiiirthday to yoooou..."

She posed:
Meg's drums and her drum cake!

And then we ATE!

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Silent Jo said...

Hello, my name is Jen and I'm the lady who made the drum cake which you based yours off of. I must say you guys did a pretty good job! Your friend looked really happy to get it too. I'm glad to see the love for Rock Band (and it's cake counterparts) growing each day! Keep up the good work and keep on rockin'!