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Travel Log, June 14 (part II), 2009

June 14, 2009 (part II)

First, here are some pics of us saying goodbye.

Well, I'm not saying goodbye to Benson yet, but I adore him, so here's an obligatory pic:
Sayin' goodbye to the kiddos :(

Bye Amal!

Bye Miriam (hiii Benson)!

Aaaw bye Melodie!! (Notice my awesome garb. That's my favorite Morocco outfit.)
Bye Melodie!! :(

Bye Elias and Titi!
I heart Elias and Titi!

And here is a nice view of my finished henna, after the mouse poop peeled off:
My hennaaaa

Next, you'll see pictures from travel back to Tanger here.

Okay. Back to your regularly scheduled blog post.

[Written on June 15, 2009]

We are on the train to FES!!! Yesterday, Joey, Dani, Josiah, Benson, Amy, Anna, Beth, and I piled into the van and drove off through the Rif. The kids *mostly* behaved on the 4-5 hour ride, and so did we. The mountains are so pretty! I am very glad we got to re-traverse them. Beth was pleased because it rained. She was praying for rain the whole trip. (And then we sang a lot of PFR.)

In lovely Chefchaouen, we sat in the van while Joey visited three hotels and bargained for the best price. We ended up at the gorgeous Hotel Madrid, where they gave us complimentary tea in the ornate lobby.

We're baaack in Chefchaouen!!
The awesome lobby.

Amy and I slept in a large, fluffy, pink four-poster canopy wrought iron bed, for one last sister-slumber-party.
Amy and I got to share this Barbie bed.

"Starving our guts out" (as Dani says), we trekked up and into the medina in search of food. A strange, loud, colorful parade of people in flower, clown, or witch costumes dancing to Arabic music distracted us for a while in the main square.
Trekkin' to the medina
Chef rugs

A random parade cuts through town.
MORE flower people! Isn't he cute?

Finally, we had a tasty Spanish-influence meal. I had: tortilla espanola con queso (basically an omelet), pastilla de pollo (like last time in Chef) and ice cream. Then we shopped! Then...we dropped...Hard. Zzzz...

I'll leave you with this beautiful picture by Amy:

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