Thursday, August 27, 2009

What ELSE did I do this summer??

I did too much for me to give each the honor of its own post [except for Jenny's visit--David got a full post, Jenny will get a full post]. Here then, is a summary, in list and picture form. :)

1. Soon after I returned, I adopted the most darling ball of fur ever, Faraday! Faraday was born on March 17th, 2009, and taken along with his mom and siblings to a shelter, where they were put on the execution list. The Feline Rescue Mission saved them, and an acquaintance of mine fostered them until they were old enough to be adopted. I took him home on June 27th, when he was about three months old. He is amazing and we are perfect for each other! :)

Baby Farad, a couple weeks old:
Baby Faraday

Couple days after I adopted him:
He really likes to sit up there!

Couple weeks ago:
Beautiful Maan

2. July 4, 2009
We had a 4th of July BBQ at Josh's, and the men grilled as was their manly duty:
The men doing their manly BBQing duty.

3. All Summer
Our PPPL grad student softball team, the Tokabats, did an amazing job this year. In only our second year of existence, we made it to the playoffs, lost our first game, won the second, and finally succumbed and were eliminated, but not before securing our spot as #4 in a league of 15! :D


4. July 10-12, 2009
Meg's sister, Martha, just graduated from college! Luc and Meg were driving up to Little Compton, RI, for her party at the family beach house (oh yes--they have a New England family beach house). Josh and I somehow weaseled ourselves an invitation to the party, if we came as hired help! :D Josh and Luc grilled and I made salads and served and refilled appetizers. We had a delightful time meeting their (huge extended) family, playing ladder ball, croquet, and kickball, and enjoying the ocean air. Sadly, both Josh and Luc hurt themselves playing kickball--Josh twisted his ankle, and Luc badly hurt his toe. This put them on the DL for softball, but they are both fine now. :)

5. July 19, 2009
Amanda and I ran in the Eden 5k in Forrestal Village! I improved my time to about 30:00 (down from 33ish). I can do it time. :)

Eden 5k

6. July 24-26, 2009
Luc, Meg, Josh, Malissa, Chaim, and I re-invaded Meg's family beach house up in RI, this time for total relaxation. Mart and I ran 8.5 miles Saturday morning, and felt pretty darn good about ourselves. We all sat on the beach, kayaked in the ocean, played ladder ball, read, buried people in the sand, and ate for the rest of the morning and afternoon. In the evening, we played epic croquet, which dissolved into Luc and I epic lightsaber-battling, while Josh refereed, and no, we didn't break anything! The group also played a lot of Settlers of Catan, slept, cross-word-puzzled, and even practiced some softball. We had an amazing time!

epic lightsaber battle in Little Compton, RI

The Traditional Croquet Mallet Beach House Picture

7. August 8, 2009
Josh, Luc, Meg, Kelsey, Greg, and I toured NJ (and PA) wine country in a hired van with driver for Josh's 28th birthday. Our first vineyard visit was unsuccessful, as it apparently has been closed for years. However, the next three were open and willing to give us tastings.

First vineyard of the day!

8. August 12, 2009
Kelsey (OH YEAH! Kelsey got a job at PPL and moved here permanently in June! I'm so happy to have her here!) and I took a gaggle of this year's crop of interns to Plays in the Park's production of Singing in the Rain. James, our amazing friend, played Roscoe Dexter/Sid Phillips. We had an incredible time hanging out for three hours beforehand, eating food and amusing ourselves, and then watching a terrific show!

Plasma Kids Wranglers!

9. All the time:
Luc, Meg, Audrey, and I are making good on our goal of running in the Disney Marathon! Luc and I made it to 12 miles last week. That's right. We ran for just over two hours. Straight. We are all loving, like seriously, even though there have been some casualties: my toenails. Did you know that you should get shoes that are 1/2 size bigger than normal when becoming a long distance runner? Well, you should... ;)

Just a reminder, we're running for charity, and could use your support!.

10. August 23, 2009
Rachel and I baked intense cupcakes, and were VERY proud of them!
Rachel thinks hers is pretty cute, too!!
Our ladybug-infested sunflower garden
Faraday and Faraday

Whew. It's certainly not been a BORING summer!

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