Saturday, August 22, 2009

Morocco Closure

So, folks, you've read about our whole crazy awesome Moroccan and Spanish adventure!

Here's a bit about my first full day back (June 21, 2009):

I had massive jetlag, and was at Wegman's by 7am to buy mostly produce!

I went shopping at 7am and bought mostly produce!

I ate FRESH GRAPES and drank water!!

I stuffed my Fes camel leather footstools with newspaper, polyfill stuffing, and winter sweaters:

I stuffed my Fes camel leather stools!

And the Crew got back together for a BBQ and souvenirs!
Josh and Luc were pleased with Fezzes from Fes:
Josh and Luc like their Fezzes from Fes.

And Meg loved her Fes scarf:
Meg likes her Fes scarf!!

In conclusion, here's a list which Bethy and I compiled in the back of my journal as we went along.

"Possible Status Messages", or "Awkward Group-Situation 'Cool-Fact-about-our-Lives' Question Answers":
1. used a squatty potty
2. was filmed on camera talking about the potty
3. sat on a rooftop in Africa, journaling
4. got detained by Moroccan Border Police
5. ate french fries covered in scrambled eggs and tomato sauce
6. saw the world's only octagonal minaret
7. drove through the Moroccan drug capital
8. ate chicken spicy cocoa puffs
9. rolled boulders down an African hillside for seven hours
10. rode in a pickup truck with five other girls through a Moroccan hillside, causing a scene
11. slept in a bed with three cockroaches
12. rode a donkey to get water from a river in Morocco
13. dug a septic tank in the Rif
14. played with a palm-sized toad in North Africa
15. pushed a truck up a hill
16. had a flat tire on a dusty Moroccan highway near Tanger
17. worked with rebar and spread cement for a roof
18. got locked out of a house in Fes, even though we had a key
19. was given a tour by a French/Arabic-only speaking cousin
20. was detained by the MoPo (for a second time) for at least 30 minutes, over our "Realtor"
21. was offered a Moroccan husband
22. was interviewed as to the state of my "hot flashing" [hahaha in the Fes pharmacy demos]
23. ate at the McDonald's in Fes.
24. was greatly appreciated by Moroccan men.
25. ate Magnums at 1:30am in the Fes train station while watching a brush fire and being ogled by 20 men
26. was kicked out of a restaurant in Madrid for only wanting dessert
27. had an amaaaazing time getting to know a new culture, new people, new food, and a fabulous new country!

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