Sunday, October 2, 2011

Backen auf Deutsch, Part X: #46 Schmetterling-Cupcakes

It's been ages since I've baked out of my German cookbook! I tried two recipes over the summer, and will now catch up.

We have to go all the way back to the 4th of July! Friends hosted an Independence Day bash on a beautiful sunny afternoon. We BBQed ribs, we made our own Slip'n'Slide, we drank patriotic drinks (red-white-and-blue Rocket pops in vodka, anyone?), and we ate dessert. Lots of dessert.

My contribution was a batch of cupcakes. Specifically, basic, delicious, vanilla cupcakes.

#46 Schmetterling Cupcakes
Cupcakes=Cupcakes, helloooo.

They supposed to look like this:

#46: 4th of July

See! Butterflies!

Coincidentally, I first learned the beautiful, delicate word "Schmetterling" on another 4th of July, way back in 2008. On the last day of the Lindau conference, everyone (including Erica!) took a two-hour ferry ride across the Bodensee from the island of Lindau to the island of Mainau.


Mainau is owned by the family of the late Count Bernadotte, which also hosts the Lindau meetings.

The Countess (his daughter) was a delightful hostess the entire meeting, and gracious enough to pose for many pictures:
Countess Bettina!!

Mainau has beautiful flowers...
Flower map of the Bodensee!

...statues and fountains...

...a castle...
Schloss Bernadotte

...and a butterfly house!
Flutterby House!

Hello, little German butterfly:

Back to cupcakes.

The recipe was straightforward, with no strange or new ingredients.

Now, butterflies are great, but they aren't classically patriotic. I made small decorating adjustments involving marzipan and food coloring.


4th of July cupcakes!


Changes made:
~Only obvious superficial ones
Next time would:
~Possibly make wee Schmetterlings?
Perfect for:
~your basic vanilla cupcake! Try it with crazy frosting flavors! Any flavor!

A reminder to any new readers: I'll gladly email you an English translation of the recipe if you want to try any of my attempts to date.

This was recipe 10/100! 9/10ths of the way to go, folks!


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