Thursday, December 23, 2010

Backen auf Deutsch, Part VI: #58 Ingwer-Cupcakes

One of the best (and worst) things about December is all of the delicious baked goodies, which are everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I contributed a lot to their ubiquitous-ness this season.

My sweet friend, Erica, whom I met at the 2008 Lindau Meeting in Germany, drove up from Philly one Saturday to eat lunch downtown, knit socks, and bake desserts. We made a batch of my mom's Candy Cane cookies and also chose a spicy ginger cupcake recipe out of 1 Teig, 100 Kuchen.

Which, by the way, is apparently also in English.

So here is our batch of Ingwer-Cupcakes!

#58 Ingwer-Cupcakes

New Backen auf Deutsch project!

The batter was pretty simple and included a ton of cinnamon and ginger.

Yay Erica!
Erica is my trusty baking pal!

While the cupcakes baked, we got the candy cane cookies ready:
Candy Cane Cookie Dough!


Candy Cane Cookies!!

The best part by far was the candied ginger. I am now obsessed with candied ginger. I will take gifts of buckets of candied ginger. Candied ginger.

I <3 Candied Ginger

Finally, we gave them two thumbs up! :D

Two Thumbs Up!

The cupcakes themselves weren't too sweet, which was complimented perfectly by the very sugary, lightly orange-flavored buttercream frosting.

Changes made:
Next time would:
~add nutmeg and candied ginger to the batter.
Perfect for:
~candied ginger lovers.

And because he hasn't been on the blog enough lately, here is Faraday in his box:
Faraday loves his box.

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