Saturday, October 30, 2010

MORE Matrimony!

On October 23, 2010, my dear friends, Meg and Luc, got MARRIED!
Bride Minnie and Groom Mickey!
Oops, that's not their wedding. We'll get back to it.

Luc is in my class at Princeton. He's kind of like my twin in the program. We worked for the same advisor first year, and now have the same thesis advisors. We both had tough times studying for our major exams, but passed with flying--well, with good enough colors. He keeps me sane when I get frustrated. He's pretty great. We went to Disney World:

Luc and Jess in Epcot, Nov 2007

Meg is in our year at Princeton, but in a different department. We knew something special was goin' on from the beginning with those two--they seemed like the right mix of quirky, geeky, and smart. Meg and I independently started going to the same church, and then joined a Biblestudy together. I was thrilled when I realized she wasn't just my friend's girlfriend, she was actually my own friend, too! :) We went to Disney World:

Aren't we beautiful and matching?!

Oh that's RIGHT. Meg and Luc ran the Disney World Marathon with me (and our friend Audrey) in January. If that experience won't bond people, not much will.

So, on Thursday, October 21, I hopped on a train in Trenton and knitted five hours all the way up to Providence. The fall leaves are amazing right now!
Fall colors from the train to RI

Droid pictures from a moving train don't really do the leaves justice. Use your imagination.

That evening, the gals rock climbed (indoors) for Meg's bachelorette party, and then Meg's sister, Mart, treated us to delicious margaritas and appetizers at their house.

On Friday, I checked into the Hotel Providence, where I shared a room with Luc's darling 17-year-old sister, Annika. By "darling", I mean fantastically precocious and geeky and brilliant. (Kind of like my OWN 17-year-old sister...) I was greeted by this sight:

Meg's dress in Annika's and my room.

We were temporarily guardians of The Dress. Thankfully only temporarily. That is too much responsibility, man.

While the wedding parties were off wedding partying, I headed out for a run. Providence is charming! I ran around the State House, across the river, and up up up the hill to Brown University.

I need to visit Cornell and Dartmouth, then I've got a complete set of Ivies!

I just have to visit Cornell and Dartmouth and I'll have the full set.

There's a beautiful river walk. The sunshine and chilly 40 degrees were perfect for running.


That afternoon, I found Tom! Tom is a Princeton alum who is now at UMich. He needed a Brown scarf for his collegiate collection, so we ventured out for lunch, Starbucks, and the university store. And a photo op.

Later, Tom and I walked back to Brown.

That evening, we had a delightful rehearsal (Tom was videographer and I was a reader, so we got to participate) and then deeelicious rehearsal dinner. We finally saw Josh, the other member of our close posse, and met more of Luc's awesome friends. He has good taste. Meg does too, incidentally. Actually, we like their families a lot also. Gold star, both of you!

Saturday morning was hectic for the families and wedding party, but not for me! I slept in til 9 (bliss), wandered to Starbucks for breakfast (and met MORE of Luc's awesome friends, geez...), watched ANTM (I have a problem) on free hotel wireless, wandered back to Starbucks for lunch (not even joking and you shouldn't even be surprised). I finally showered and beautified. My dress was fabulous, even though that cute sash popped off anytime I bent/sat/breathed. Stupid sash.

The ceremony was held in a beautiful historic mill in Pawtucket, RI. I greeted and handed out programs and watched the rows fill with happy family and friends. Finally the flautists and cellist played the processional (a theme from Star Wars). Luc bounced with nervous excitement as the groomsmen and bridesmaids walked down the aisle. When the congregation rose to signal the bride's entrance, he peered through the crowd anxiously. The moment he glimpsed her, his face crumpled in tears of love and joy. That set the mood for the rest of the beautiful and emotional ceremony. (My reading of 1 John 4 was clear until *I* teared up on the last sentence. Ah well.)

Yaaaay Mr. and Mrs. P!!!

Back at the Hotel Providence, we had a cocktail hour and then beautiful formal reception. The newlyweds entered straight into their first dance, to the live jazz band's rendition of Fly Me to the Moon.

The reception

I sat with Princeton people and Annika. The soup was my favorite part of dinner:
Close replica of Disney World's Smokey Portobello Mushroom Soup.
It was a very good replica of the Smokey Portobello Mushroom Soup from the Artist's Point, the restaurant at the Wilderness Lodge in Disney World. I hate mushrooms, but THIS IS AMAZING.

Between courses, we danced up a storm! I love to swing dance, and some leads were actually legitimately swinging. Particularly, the groom himself and his new sister-in-law. Yes. Martha is a solid lead. Go her.

Here is the group picture from my department:

After the reception, we had a sweet mini-after party in Tom and Josh's room, in which about ten people consumed leftover bachelor-party-camping-trip victuals.

Sunday morning, the events CONTINUED with a brunch. Again, the food was delicious.

Finally, Josh and I said goodbye. I rarely am at an event--especially a wedding--in which I have to hug so many people on the way out, because I know and love so many of them. I guess four days of wedding ensures your guests get to know each other, eh?

Then, Josh drove us home. Through the leeeaves.
More fall colors on the drive home!

It was beautiful, Meg and Luc, just like you two are! Thank you for letting me share in the weekend and for being such wonderful friends. Love you!

My dear friends got MARRIED!


Virginia said...

I loved your story and photos! you also looked be-u-tif-l! What a special weekend. <3 Ginny

Colin said...

Actually, I believe the soup was from the Artist's POINT restaurant at the Wilderness Lodge in Walt Disney World. ;-)

physikerin said...

Oops! You are, of course, correct Colin. Thanks! Ha!

Physibeth said...

Slightly off topic, it would be awesome to schedule your trip to visit Cornell when I can come with. Just saying.

physikerin said...

I totally should, Bethany!! Do you have any alumni trip coming up? You can be my tour guide!