Sunday, September 27, 2009

Carnegie 5k: 27:53

Yesterday was my running races first birthday! Rachel, Audrey, and I ran in the Carnegie 5k, which was Rachel's and my first race this time last year.

Audrey decided to not run at her full speed and instead be my pacer. I said, "Eh, I just want to break 30:00." She said, "OKAY THEN!!"

She wouldn't let me talk, because we were going at a conversation-isn't-comfortable pace, and just chattered at me the whole way. It was beautiful.

Also beautiful: we wore our new bright orange shirts from Philly last weekend. As we were sprinting around the last bend, someone cheered "YOU GOT IT! YOU RAN PHILLY! YOU CAN DO THIS!" :)

See a difference from last year??
Race Date:09-27-08
Sex F
Age 23
Time 33:09
Pace 10:40.1
Place 271
Gender Place 116/171
Age Group Place F20-24: 13/20
Masters Age PLP 44.6%

Race Date:09-26-09
Bib Number 7
Sex F
Age 24
Time 27:53
Pace 8:58.4
Place 210
Gender Place 69/195
Age Group Place F20-24: 4/9
Masters Age PLP 53.1%

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heidi said...

Congratulation to your race.