Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Faraday, and Welcome, Spring!

Happy 2nd Bday, Faraday!

Yesterday, March 17th, St. Patty's Day, my little kitty turned two. Yes, I know his birthday--or at least the day his adoption papers claim it is! They also claim that he was born on Staten Island, and the rest of his short history is described in this post.

He used to be so little!

Are these tasty?


Kitten has ADD

Now he's kind of big:
My 2-year-old cat!

I, naturally, have an album devoted to Faraday, if you need more cute pictures. (Just IMAGINE how many pictures I'll take of my possible-future-children!)

It's an incredible 80 degrees today in NJ. My windows are wide open, letting in bird chirps from the trees and crew coach yells from the lake. The breeze is cool and smells so FRESH!

Tomorrow: Audrey and I head to Manhattan to attend the race expo, see the new Jane Eyre movie, spend the night with her relatives-in-law, and run the NYC Half Marathon on Sunday. My right leg has been bothering me, and her ankle's bothering her, so here's hoping we race intelligently and finish strong and whole. ;)

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Steffi said...

Happy birthday to Faraday!!! Have fun in the city this weekend and hope the race goes well :)