Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Now...why am I leaving on a train??

I love trains. I've taken them from Seattle to Olympia, from NYC to NC, from Trenton to Boston, from Munich to Berlin, from Tangier to Fez. I get to take one in April from Vienna to Prague (and hopefully from Vienna to Bratislava). Today? Trenton to DC, to have a chat with members of Congress (or at least their staffers) about their commitment to a little thing called science.
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IrkaDblrka said...

Good luck! I really hope someone will be listening.

Steffi said...

Good luck! Hope it goes well because fusion could sure use some more money right now :) And I hope you have fun!

physikerin said...

Thanks, Physicist Gals! :D It was a blast and I think even successful...though the few we talked to definitely don't make a majority, so hopefully they can convince their colleagues. :)