Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Mountainous Day

The year Twenty-Eleven began this morning rather congestedly and coughy, necessitating an unfortunate shortening of my planned weekend trip to Seattle. Two late parties and an overnight stay had to go. Boo.

However! After a delicious German pancake and sausage breakfast, Amy, Susanna (our visiting AZ friend, whom we met in Morocco in 2009), and I got on a ferry and headed to the Emerald City for the afternoon.

The Olympics were glorious in the sun today!

Amy gave Susanna a tour of the waterfront, while my dear friend Alicia picked me up and drove to B&O Espresso. I had a Mocha Valencia and smoked salmon and goat cheese quiche. We shared creme brulee and great conversation. :) I met Alicia while swing dancing in Seattle my senior year of college. We hadn't seen each other for three years, and that is really unacceptable. She's too fabulous!

Now, we are ferry-riding home, watching the sunset over Mt. Rainier. My cough has gotten worse, but the day in the cold was worth it. Time for some tea.

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Virginia said...

Loved your photos! Truly captured a perfect day, minus the cough :-( . So neat to see it! <3 Ginny

physikerin said...

Thanks, Ginny! <3