Thursday, January 27, 2011

Guinness Stew

Okay, I like snow when it begins with a showy lightening storm (THUNDERSNOOOOW) and ends with labs and universities closing because it's THIGH-HIGH. WOO!

Today would be the perfect day to make Guinness stew, but alas, I have no meat. Boo.

You should, though! The recipe I use is from my mom. :)

Guinness Stew
2 Tbsp paprika (be generous; the hotter the better)
1 tsp salt
1/2 cup flour
1 lb-ish stew meat
1 big onion

1 can or bottle of Guiness
28 oz can stewed tomatoes
some carrots
some yam
some potatoes
some whateveryouwant
some love

~~~Put paprika, salt, flour, and meat into a bag and shake it all up.
~~~Brown the stew meat in oil.
~~~Chop an onion, throw it in there next, and brown it.
~~~Dump the browned meat-onion mixture into a Dutch oven (Mom's favorite) or a crock pot (my favorite/all I got).
~~~Add Guinness, tomatoes, carrots, yams, potatoes, etc.
~~~Cook VERY SLOWLY for a long time. I.e. until everything is soft and delicious. I believe it was in my crock pot on low heat for 4-6 hours?

Eat with bread. Yum. I used goat cheese biscuits. Drink a Guinness. Sigh with contentment.

Here's the illustrated version:

Put spices in a bag:
The spices

Add some meat:
The meat

Shake it up!!

Add beer:
Add beer.

Add vegetables:
Add veggies!

Check on Faraday:
Adore cat.

Annoy Faraday with your love:
Annoy cat.

Take a walk in the snow:
Take a walk in the snow.

Check on crock pot:
Check on crockpot.

Enjoy with a beer and biscuit!


Steffi said...

Whoa - thundersnow?! I've never seen that before! Hope you are enjoying your snow days. I'm definitely not missing snow down here. Your blog makes me so hungry sometimes, I'm definitely going to have Aaron try that Guinness stew recipe - sounds delicious!

Physibeth said...

One nice advantage to a dutch oven is that you can do the browning in the dutch oven directly instead of a seperate pan. I highly recommend adding one to your next gift list or saving up for one. I love mine.

physikerin said...

Steffi--YES! Thundersnow!! It was very strange. I hope Aaron makes the stew for you soon; it is wonderful!

Bethany--I will add it to my next gift list! :D