Sunday, March 17, 2013

Faraday's Fourth

Happy 4th Birthday, Faraday cat! 

 Muffin had a pretty exciting birthday party last night...or that was my St. Patrick's Day party. Either way, he enjoyed hanging out in the circle of people, watching and listening to our silliness. He even got to see the great outdoors for a heart-stopping sixty seconds, as he slipped past a departing guest and down the porch. The big world is cold and scary, though, so he allowed himself to be caught and taken back to the warmth of his indoor domain.

He sniffed, but did not eat, a multitude of green foods:

 He also patiently wore a tiny green hat for a minute or two, to the delight of our guests.

(He wore this hat for his third birthday. For his second, he got to wear a bow.)

Today, both of us recovered from having so many people over so late. He chose to dedicate his daylight hours to sleeping. I chose to walk seven miles, and revel in New Mexico's beautiful weather. Happy Spring, Friends, and I love you, silly cat!

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