Monday, February 7, 2011

Running. And purchases.

I'm going a little stir-crazy. At least where running is concerned. After tripping on crunchy snow last week and smashing my knee (it's still purple) and narrowly missing being hit by a car, and then slipping and sliding on ice while clinging to a guardrail which, minutes later, was hit by a skidding car, I'm doing the right thing and giving up. I am. I'm giving up on running in my beautiful outdoors until this snow recedes. COME ON, SNOW. RETREAT ALREADY.

I'm a little slow, I know. Rachel yelled at me.

So that means...the treadmill. (Or the 8x100 indoor track.) Today, I was MOST pleasantly surprised, I had a terrific treadmill run! It was absolutely enjoyable! I credit Pandora's awesome Ladytron and Basshunter playlists. May they be as motivational next time.

After treadmilling, I chauffeured Kelsey and Nadine to the grocery store, where we spent too much time so I became RAVENOUS.

This saved my life, and my passengers' lives, too, probably:

I also impulse-bought something. I succumbed to the pretty label. I bought this:
Impulse buy

SOLELY because it is "Moroccan". The baby blue doesn't hurt either, but Morocco really catches my eye. Want to sell me something? There you go. (This is, incidentally, similar to how I buy wine. True story: tonight I bought a bottle of Merlot from this vineyard.)

Faraday just woke up from his nap, purred, and is staring at me. Perhaps I should go cuddle him.

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