Friday, February 18, 2011

Buffalo (Chicken)

While I don't remember the first moment I knew I was in love with buffalo sauce, I'm quite sure the feeling won't fade anytime soon. Buffalo chicken pizza, buffalo chicken salad, buffalo chicken wraps, buffalo chicken dip, buffalo chicken WINGS (of course), buffalo chicken nachos...and now "buffalo" looks very strange.

Buffalo chicken pizza is the preferred Mover Payment of Choice for Meg and I. Buy us some and we just might unload your moving van for you.

Buffalo chicken wraps and salads are occasionally served the lab cafeteria. They are basically the only meal I'll buy from lab, as I prefer to pack my lunch. Kelsey and I wait eagerly for Buffalo Chicken Day and are CRUSHED, absolutely devastated, when the online cafeteria menu lies and they don't serve it.

Do I go too far? Nay. It is not possible.

Recently, I've fallen in love with buffalo (chicken) nachos and buffalo chicken dip.

We'll start with the dip.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Here is the recipe, and here are some pictures:
Frank's Red Hot sauce is incredible. It's good on ANYTHING.


This is why one shouldn't eat this dip very often:

Green! Green!


Will my fellow Super Bowl party attendees notice?

No, because ya mix it all up:

I served it at a Super Bowl party with celery, chips, and cheddar wafers:

It was a MAJOR hit.

Kelsey pointed out that it would be good in a wrap with a ton of lettuce.

Buffalo (Chicken) Nachos

The night I made these nachos, I didn't have chicken. Otherwise, I'd prepare it as for the dip.

My nachos are fairly self-explanatory and usually involve whatever looks particularly delicious in my fridge. Be creative!

Start with chips:

Grate a lot of cheese (cheddar or pepper jack? Whatevs) and toss in some feta or blue cheese:

Chop up some pretty veggies:

Throw it onto a cookie sheet:

And broil it on high for a few minutes, until the cheese melts and the chips start to burn (right before the smoke alarm goes off):

Try to artfully transfer to a plate and fail miserably:

Note that you probably need more cheese, then enjoy!

Love it.

Today was absolutely gorgeous--it was a sunny 71 degrees F this afternoon! The spring weather is making me crave fresh fruit and veggies badly. (I ate so many carrots, green beans, and apple slices at lunch that I couldn't finish my sandwich.) The farm share should start up in a couple of months! The snow has melted enough to let me run all over again! I'm so excited for my ten-miler tomorrow! My next race is in just over a month! Yaaay!

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