Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Backen auf Deutsch, Part V: #4 Schokoladencremekuchen

For the first time in four years, I celebrated Thanksgiving with my family in Washington State. Our traditional Thanksgiving meal is held at my grandparents' house, with their Westie, my two aunts, my three siblings, and my parents (and this year, my sister's boyfriend). We ate delicious food, had the usual quirky conversation, and played games inspired by Minute to Win It. It was beautiful. ;)

Off-topic, but aren't my home-pets adorable?

Scout and Maddie are buddies. Notice the branches down outside from the wind storms.
Scout and Maddie

Amy (sister, not pet) and Ashley are also buddies.
Amy and Ashley

It's well-documented that I have a sweet tooth. It was clearly inherited from my parents and also passed down to my sisters and brother. Therefore, it was only fitting that I bring my 1 Teig, 100 Kuchen book and bake for the fam!

We particularly like chocolate, so Mom and Dad chose one with plenty, and we baked it on Friday.

#4 Schokoladencremekuchen


The recipe was very straight-forward. There were no strange ingredients time! It did call for baking the batter in one circular pan and then slicing it in half to frost the middle, which was weird. Also, my mom's cake pans have disappeared, so we used pie pans, which was weird.

What is not weird, but AWESOME, is my mom's KitchenAid:


Someday, I will own one of those beautiful mixers!!

I matched her red kitchen:

The thing about baking in pie pans, even red ones:

...is that cakes aren't easily removed from them:

At least this cake, by this girl. Oops.

No matter! After cooling, they were semi-easily mooshed together with the frosting, once we added about 1/4 cup more milk than directed. Add the chocolate shavings, and is it even noticeable?? (Yes.)

#2 Schokoladencremekuchen

A close-up, with that night's chosen entertainment:


(¡El Vaquero! I. Love. You. Hello there, Well-Groomed-Man.)

The cake was quite rich and yummy! It was a bit dry, making me wonder if German tablespoons are bigger than American tablespoons, because this happened to a couple of the other cakes. Next time, I would add more liquid. The frosting was quite creamy, though, and made up for it. :)

Changes made:
~Added about a 1/4 cup of milk to the frosting
Next time would:
~Add more milk to the batter
Perfect for:

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