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Travel Log, June 10-11, 2009

(Sorry for the delay in posting. I got busy. :P )

June 10th, 2009

This morning, we had our last devotion with AZ and hugged them all goodbye. :( <3

First thing at work, Amy and I worked on the septic--me digging, she picking. Then Dick called us to be brick fetchers with him. We drove to "Home Depot" to get 600 bricks. Yes. Work out, dude. Nothin' like being a group of two young foreign women and an 80-year-old man loading a pickup with construction materials while twenty able-bodied local men sit around gawking.

[Wow. Mosques just started up. Can hear at least two different ones. Immediately this time a chorus of howling dogs joined in. Eerie.]

Our assembly line of brick unloaders was puny, so I got to run back and forth a lot (marathon training!). Amy and I dug and picked more, until T rescued us and picked more in two minutes than we did in two hours. Beth and I did anther brick run--this time, for only 300. The men finished all four walls today. SWEET! I love the obvious, visible progress that comes in construction (maybe I should give up physics).

AMY digs a septic tank!

Yesterday, my rash was worse, AND I ripped a hole in my pants--right on my behind--so today, I retired my whole-week-long work outfit. Dani lent me a long-sleeve shirt (less rash!) and Sarah left pants for me. Sadly, the pants are for men and about four sizes too big. I was hitching them up an awful lot today. Tomorrow, I borrow belt.

Hangin' with the guys inside.

We finished an hour early ( 1pm) today, so we had a nice sit before lunch. B and Elias (2) found a big ol' palm-sized toad in the creek and brought him up for a visit. Anna and I pounced at and petted and cooed over him, while the men jumped back in disgust. Ha! They can handle spiders and scorpions, but not...frogs... The frog had a leech on his side, which was ooky. Someone removed it for him. I rescued him finally and returned him to the water.

E and B
Elias and BigMo visited!!
Blurry toad:
Aaaw toooad.

Of course, we saw Donkers.

After work, we showered and I NAPPED for an hour, with my iPod. Whew. We had a chill tea with the ladies, babies, Dick, and Dee. Moroccan ladies love to lounge. We lounged. We knitted. Well, I did. I'm knitting socks using German yarn from my last awesome trip. Appropriate, no?

Dinner was insane. All three toddlers were screaming. Had to ESCAPE. Feel better. Too many people now though--they invaded my sanctuary. Sigh.

June 11, 2009

[Original entry]

Tired. Need to be away from kids for long time. Will write tomorrow.

[What happened that day, as far as I remember, because I didn't write tomorrow about it.]

The gals, Dick, M, and Y drove in one of the pickups WAAAAAY out into the country to the farthest house FOR has built. It needed whitewashed, septic tank filled, and door frame cemented.

The drive was eventful. We drove through and up and over gorgeous hills and creeks. We saw some donkeys and people, but it was *really* out in the middle of nowhere. Going up one of the big hills, the truck overheated. Shooooot. Y, M, and we gals leaped out of the back and pushed. We pushed the truck up the ginormous hill. Yes. We stopped by J's house, and he gave us water for the radiator. That thankfully held until we got to the site, but every hill we prayed hard that we wouldn't have to push again!

The family was sweet at this site, but we didn't talk to them much. Most of the time, I helped move [what would I help move? What?] rocks [oh yes] from one pile over to the edge of the septic tank. M was in the tank, building walls out of the rocks. Big ones, little ones, huge ones, pebbles. We saw a gigantic daddy long-legs, but no Charlottes. Whew.

Fillin' in the septic tank
It's another rock-puzzle!

We also had fun whitewashing, of course!

We drove back successfully--no pushing on the way. :)

[Aaand that's all I recall. The rest of my entries are a bit more detailed. :)]

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