Thursday, May 7, 2009

You know summer is approaching when...

Macho Men.
Originally uploaded by moosicalmath's 90 degrees on April 26th and you go to Point Pleasant:
We're excited, cause we smell like SUNSCREEN.

...the trees turn pink:
Spring blooms outside my door. can sit on your patio and listen to windchimes:
Windchimes make me happy. don't freeze when you climb the GC Tower at sunrise:
Campus in the wee hours
Old GC

...the geese start attacking:
(these two pairs live at PPL and hiss at each other. And us.)
...this pair!
Two pairs of geese live at PPPL.

...and you finish classes! I turned in my final project for German 102, so jetzt bin ich fertig. Ja. Sicher.

The rest of the pictures from these sets can be found heeeere!!

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