Friday, May 22, 2009

To the PAIN.

I mentioned at the end of my last post that Luc, Audrey, and I were preparing for our next adventure: the Philly 1/2 marathon in September. Well, plans have changed slightly since then. Our cheerleader, Meg, is joining us in our crazy running pursuit. Sweet. But...that's not all.

3.1 miles (5k). 6.2 miles (10k). 13.2 miles (1/2 marathon). What comes next? 26.2 miles, of course! YES. All four of us have our sights set beyond half marathon in September to a full marathon in January. Which marathon? As Luc said...if you're gonna run one, it might as well be in Disney World!!!

Luc and I at Disneyworld in 2007 during the APS DPP meeting:
Luc and Jess in Epcot, Nov 2007

The Disney World Marathon takes you from Epcot, through the Magic Kingdom (and Sleeping Beauty's Castle!), down to the Animal Kingdom, over by MGM, and back to Epcot.


***Luc, Audrey, and I are running to benefit children's cancer research. Hop on over to our Team Kinematic race site to read more!******


I don't anticipate problems with the training (ie not doing it or getting bored), because we made it through the 10k, and learned that adding a mile or so a week is really not bad, once you get up to about four miles. HOWEVER, prayer for health would be greatly appreciated: this very week I hurt a tendon in my hip and can't run until next week. Lord willing, with proper rest and careful training we'll be STRONG!

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