Sunday, April 19, 2009

The saga of my move continues.

Very exciting updates: I have a dining room table and chairs, counter space, and a partition to make a "bedicle" (bedroom cubicle--blame Josh for that).

Here is my table: James sweetly gave it to me for the price of a cupcake. The man drives a hard bargain.
New dining room table!

Yesterday, Meg and I journeyed to Ikea in Elizabeth to buy a boatload of stuff for her new apartment, and a kitchen island and bookcase for mine. The boys briefly questioned whether we should take more than one car, but we wanted to drive together for the company and make it more fun than errand-running. So, off we drove in Meg's little sedan.

We had a great time perusing the beautiful and cheery Ikea rooms, feeling so European and frugal. We admired the storage options, the window dressings, and the kitchen accessories. We each impulsively bought only one thing--mine was glass vase etched with leaves--and found everything on our lists.

She bought herself a kitchen island, a big glass coffee table, a filing cabinet, a bedside table, a desk, three mirrors, and two dining room chairs.

Hmm. How WERE we to fit this into the car?!

One thing to remember is that Ikea furniture comes in flat boxes.
The cart. This does not even include an island and a desk.

It turned into one big Tetris game, with much pushing and shoving and shifting and sweating (our first 75+F day of the year!). Fairly gloriously, on our first try, this happened:

That's right. The trunk and all four doors were able to close, no twine needed even.
That's right.

Good thing we didn't bring Luc! Where would he go!?
See?! See?! IT FITS.

After that triumph, comes the pain of assembling Ikea furniture. Thankfully, we have our amigos to help with that!
Meg and Josh worked hard on my bookcase/room partitioner:
Meg and Josh put together my bookcase!

And Luc singlehandedly assembled my island:
Luc put together my island!


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mollywaffles said...

Nice furniture!!
We might have to find an island like yours for our new apartment.