Saturday, April 11, 2009


So exciting--I moved out of my two bedroom apartment and into a beautiful and spacious studio of my very own. I am loving setting it up just how I want it. It is still definitely a work in progress!

One thing that is a problem is a lack of counter space, so I'm going to get a kitchen island to go perpendicular to this wire stand.

Then there is my living room:
A REAL coffee table!

I got the couches for free from friends, and Meg gave me the lovely coffee table. I want to get rid of the green carpet and get something prettier, but that won't be in my budget for a few months. Also, eventually I would like a new slipcover for the lovely denim couch...

I have a huge walk-in closet:
Amy's sketch in the walk-in closet!

That leads bathroom. Yes. That's a bit weird. Oh well. That means I'll just keep my closet very organized!
Karl's painting

New shower curtain!

My favorite part is my gorgeous patio:
New Patio!!
Patio and boots I will make into planters.

This is where I want my dining room table to go:
This is where I want the dining room table to go, actually, once I get one.

Here's my fishy:
Luna is hangin' out.

Here is the bedroom...corner...:
The Bedroom.

Another fabulous thing about this place? Laura lives directly next to me, and Meg is moving into my building TODAY!!!

Patio art and new mat!