Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ice cream pint koozies!

I'm working on a post about my recent triathlon, but in the meantime, HERE'S A KNITTING PATTERN! If you need clarification, don't hesitate to ask. I whipped this up in an afternoon after a super long bike ride and a nap with Muffin:

My massage therapist commissioned me to make ice cream pint koozies in exchange for massage time. Um, yes, I can do that!!

She showed me pictures on Pinterest of what she wanted, but the patterns weren't free, and since the concept is really simple, I just made my own. It's knit in one piece and there is one seam to close the loop. You can use whatever stitching pattern you like--I mixed it up with stockinette, garter, ribbing, and seed stitch.

Loops&Threads Cozy Wool (82m/127g), or any bulky yarn
Size 9 needles--I used circular needles so I could wrap it around my Ben and Jerry's pint as I went to check sizing. Use whatever you want to get the gauge to fit your pint.

Gauge (approximate)
Stockinette: 4in/12st, 3.5in/16 rows
Seed: 4.5in/12st, 3.5in/16 rows

Knit it Up

See Figure 1 for the diagram. 

Cast on 27 stitches (you're at the edge marked X). Using whatever stitch you want, knit 15-18 rows or about 3.5 inches. (I highly recommend checking your sizing with a pint of your favorite Ben and Jerry's as you go.)

Figure 1.

Cast off 16 stitches. You are now knitting the portion marked Y. Knit (in preferred stitch pattern) another 15-18 rows, enough so that when you fold it over (oval side to oval side in Figure 1), your hand can slip in comfortably, like Figure 2.
Figure 2.
We're going to simultaneously cast-off and seam oval side to oval side. (Or you can cast off normally and sew it.) I don't know what this is called and don't feel like googling it, so pay attention to my rambling:
       First stitch: transfer stitch A to the right needle, pick up a stitch (B) along the bottom of the long    side (marked X) with the left needle, transfer stitch A back to the left, and knit A and B together to make stitch C.
       Rest of stitches: transfer stitch C from the left to the right needle, pick up stitch D from side X with the left needle. Knit stitch D, so it's on the right needle now. Cast off stitch C. 
      Continue until you have one stitch left on the needle and the rest are seamed. Cut the yarn, pull through, voila! You have finished knitting!

Finishing the koozie: Sew the rectangle edges (Figure 1) together. Like normal sewing. If you sew wrong side edges together and then turn it right side out, it looks neater.

Go crazy with colors and stitch patterns and ICE CREAM EATING. I highly recommend the Tonight Dough, while watching the Tonight Show, because cookie dough is amazing and Jimmy Fallon is adorable.

Stockinette on the bottom, garter at the top, 1x1 rib for the handle.

Seed stitch the whole way!


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