Sunday, February 9, 2014



For only the second [edited: third--apparently the Sonics went in 1996!] time in my lifetime, one of Seattle's big four sports teams went to the championship. The Seahawks had a phenomenal year, and for their final game, THE big game, I had to make an epic cake.

First, I purchased food coloring. A lot of it. And found more in my cupboard.

The Seahawks played the Broncos, so I ordered a tiny horse off of Amazon. Technically, I ordered a 12-pack of farm animals. Do you need a chicken-themed cake? I might be able to accommodate. 

 I marked up the logo to measure proportions:

And then totally threw that out the window, and freehanded the outline on a 13x9 cake that had been frozen for about 30 hours. 

My favorite high-altitude cake, the Santa Fe Spice Cake from the cookbook Pie in the Sky.

The scariest part was the carving:

But it worked! I frosted it with cream cheese base layer.

Getting that almost-Seahawks blue was really difficult: I used a TON of the regular blue, a touch of black, and a dash of neon blue. The silver just needed a bit of black, and the neon green was perfect by itself! I piped on all of the blue outlines and piped in some blue filler. I used a spreading tool to moosh it smoothly to fill the edges. Then, I piped and spread the white, the silver, and the green eye. The finishing touch: that tiny bronco in the hawk's beak.

The cake was a hit at the Super Bowl party, where we had the normal spread of amazing football food, plus a super cute puppy.

The game itself was fantastic. I know it was boring or devastating for everyone else, but for Seattle and its fans, it was incredible. GO HAWKS!!!!!

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Unknown said...

Love it!! The cake looked AWESOME! You did a great job. Our HAWKS were so fun to cheer on and I am inspired. If
(I mean when) they make it to the Superbowl again I want to try to make a cake like this :)