Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Terrible Christmas Poem, to serve as your card

A word of warning: I am a plasma physicist. Not a poet.
Edited by my mother. The English teacher.

 It's the Time to Christmas

'Twas several weeks before Christmas, 
when all through the townhouse...
Living room
The extra table was for Thanksgiving.
Hall of Morocco pictures
Not an ornament was hangin'
nor from Muffin, a mouse.
Guest/cat bedroom
My bedroom
Obviously...the bathroom.

Future tree was just chillin' 

in its Caldera pen
Valles Grande Caldera
I journey to get it,
 and snatched it right then.

I nestled my pretties 
all snug in our tree

While Muffin snoozed on, glaring
"Don't 'cha try 'n wake me."
Faraday the Magnificent

Adding the Dalek (my mini-Who-tree)
And bordering-on-crazy-cat-lady-but-I-swear-I-didn’t-buy-the-new-one frame

I painted the one on the left...aunts gave me the one on the right

I still have better taste than the neighbor we blame.

When out in the town 
there arose such events!
Los Alamos Winter Parade

A parade, twinkly lights, luminarias--
we were pretty much spent!
Ashley (Pond) Pond
North Mesa Stables Luminaria Walk

 Then along came some snowflakes 
to slow us all down

Powdery hikes, fluffy trees
a welcome break from desert brown!

Here's to one last day of cleaning, 
wrapping, and shopping,
Before down to Albuquerque 
I must be hopping.
The family is coming 
for Christmas with ME!
Oh joyful day--
we'll all sing with glee!

May you all boldly go 
where you've never gone before,
My geek-haven home office

 Spending time--wibbly or wobbly--
with family and more.
More office--note the Star Trek stein

EXTERMINATE your worries and 
CELEBRATE Jesus' birth!




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Amy said...

You are wonderful and loverly.