Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day! And life update.

Due to lack of internet and full-size keyboard (but hellooo great 4G in my house!), we're pausing The Move series.

Basically, I'm living in my awesome townhouse in Los Alamos and just dropped Mom and Dad off at the Albuquerque Sunport (aka airport).  Our seventeen days together FLEW by! Faraday and I miss them already.

My new place is fantastic! My first floor is bigger than my entire NJ studio. I'll do a proper new-home tour once my stuff arrives and I unpack. "Oh, your stuff hasn't arrived?" you ask. No. No it's still in New Jersey. I hear now that this is normal for summer moves, but the company didn't tell me that until I arrived. My parents and I made a huge trek to Santa Fe and purchased air mattresses, towels, lawn chairs, bowls, and bedding, mostly on clearance, so we could move out of the hotel. I also picked up a few work shirts just in case my other clothes don't arrive before I start work on the 25th. I'll least I have a fridge, broiler pan, and per diem (until my kitchen stuff arrives).

So, my parents left today, after a lovely day in Albuquerque. It was a fitting Father's Day activity: Dad lived there for three years at the end of junior high and beginning of high school. We stopped at a museum (more on that in another post) near Kirtland AFB, which was Sandia Army Base when he lived on it.  He took us by the childhood homes of some of his best ABQ buddies. Finally, we had lunch in Old Town at La Placita, where he used to eat with his parents. He got to eat sopaipillas with honey--a dessert he's raved about my whole life.

Love you, Dad! (And Mom, too!)

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