Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby Shower!!

I'll get back to Wien und Praha soon, but for now, let me tell you about the first baby shower I've ever hosted! My classmate, Craig, and his wife, Melissa, are expecting their first child in July. Meg and I threw them a shower on Saturday, June 4th.

My patio was the perfect setting, especially as it was a warm (if mostly overcast) summer afternoon.
My festive patio!

Meg made an amazing fruit punch from a frozen mold of strawberries, kiwi, and orange slices in a bowl of pineapple juice and sparkling cider, and I made iced coffee:
My iced coffee and Meg's punch!

We totally took over the lawn and set up a BBQ station (thanks, Josh, for the grill, and Luc, for the grilling!)
Taking over the lawn
Manning the grill

Here are the guests of honor and my co-hostess; Craig, Meg, and Melissa:
Craig, my co-hostess Meg, Wally, Melissa!

Melissa's coworkers came and enjoyed the expansive array of appetizers Meg and I made:
Melissa's coworkers

Our classmates joined us, too, including Erik and his adorable pregnant wife, Andrea!
Andrea and Melissa!

After eating (a lot), we played lawn games--several rounds of Ladderball and one game of croquet (which I totally won, if you follow my family's rules). Then, the parents-to-be opened gifts!
So many gifts!

I gave them an ALMOST-finished stuffed dragon. Heh. I was so close.
My almost-finished dragon. Hahaha.

They gave it back so I could sew on his other leg, wings, and face. ;)

Erik and Andrea's little boy, Caleb, was GREAT entertainment:
Caleb, the little life of the party!

Our only "real" shower activity (Meg and I loathe typical shower games) was decorating onesies with fabric markers:
Go, Dan and Amanda, go!

People actually enjoyed it! I was so happy. The designs were mostly a mixture of 20-something male humor and graduate student geekiness (we were all physicists, chemists, chemical engineers, or microbiologists, besides one lovely psychologist).

Naturally, I had to make the cake! Craig and Melissa (and Meg, Luc, and Josh) play D&D, so the cake had to be a wee bit geeky:

And the Stork DM rolled a B...

Marzipan stork and die

Marzipan cake

They're having a boy!

D&D cake

It tasted pretty good, too!

I finished the dragon over the weekend and delivered him to father-to-be at lab:

He was so hard to give away! Sooo friendly!
Loved knitting his spine, too.


We had a delightful time blessing our friends, and can't wait to meet their little baby boy!

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Steffi said...

Wow, Jess! Looks like you and Meg throw awesome baby showers. Love the cake and the dragon is so adorable :)