Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

It's still barely Mother's Day, so here is a quick tribute to my beautiful mom. My loving, smart, Godly, hilarious mom. She homeschooled all four of us from Kindergarten until we started college. She bakes us apple pies, she cooks us stew. She dances for us. She always answers my random cooking questions without judgement (possibly a little laughter).

She's an excellent travel companion.

She's an expert Moroccan whitewasher:

She loves the Northwest (and Dad):
Dad and Mom are my favorites!

And thus, Faraday and I send her our love. We tried taking a picture by ourselves:
Pose, Farad

Didn't work so well.

So, we walked over to a neighbor's. By "we walked", I mean, I walked while carrying a wide-eyed cat clinging to me for dear life.

We survived, Mom, we did:
Happy Mother's Day to my mom!

Much love to Nama, also--what a beautiful and wonderful gramma you are!

Mom and Nama!

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