Monday, June 22, 2009

Travel Log, May 31, 2009

Aaack! I'm really doing it. I'm actually flying to...AFRICA. Well, currently I'm chillin' in Newark, waiting for my flight to Philly, where I'll meet up with Amy, Bethany, and Anna. From there, we'll fly overnight to Madrid, and tomorrow afternoon, fly to Tangier, Morocco. Then it's slightly up in the air: we'll be picked up by someone from FOR.

Who are the FOR? Why, they are the reason we're heading across the world! The four of us all-American, 17-24-year-old females are going to build a house for two Moroccan women. Oh yeah. We'll live in Al Hoceima, a town on the northern coast of Morocco, right on the Mediterranean.

After two weeks of hard physical labor, mint tea drinking, and hopefully some beach tripping, Bethy JO (my best childhood friend) and I will kiss Amy (my darling sister) and Anna (Amy's dear friend) goodbye and take a train from Tangier to FES. SO excited to see Fes!! We'll stay with Adrienne's host family (from a couple summers ago) for two days. Then, we'll return to Madrid and find some excellent vino y tapas for a day and then come home on June 20th. Whew.

So, how AM I FEELING about all of this? Excited, nervous, exhausted, overwhelmed, overjoyed, and rather sniffly. NO people, I don't have the swine flu. I am just being killed slowly by the Garden State's gardens. Exhausted is partially (mostly) due to Princeton Reunions weekend. The most outrageously orange and black 72-hour-long party was again fantastic, but really draining. May the Lord grant me strength and refreshment for the next crazy three weeks!!


So, now I am sitting in the plane, in line to leave the Philly airport. We are #20 in line. Sigh.

I found Amy, Anna, and Beth!! I met them at their gate and exchanged many hugs and kisses. I LOVE MY SISTER SO MUCH. She is amazing. We got coffee and stretched our legs in preparation.

Beth and Jess reunite in the Philly Airport

Yay Anna and Amy!!

I am SO sleepy.


We took off!!

I'm sitting next to two Spanish women who don't speak English. The captain asked for doctors to come forward, which they both happen to be. I pray the person who needs the doc will be okay.

Amy and Anna are sitting across the aisle from me in row 12. They are cuddly. Aaaaaw. Bethy is way back in row 24. Hope she is ok!

Anna and Amy sat right across from me!


[ this point in my journal I drew a picture of the plane seating chart and labeled ours. I have many adorable doodles. I should scan them and post them. Yes.]

Music of choice: Love Lockdown (Kanye West), Love Story (Taylor Swift), Major Tom (Shiny Toy Guns), and anything by Owl City.

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