Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tickets to Africa!

Truthfully, right now they are just tickets to Madrid, but tomorrow I will buy connecting flights to Tangier, Morocco. Oh yes! Why am I going on this adventure? Does it have to do with physics? Is the government paying me to go?!

Unlike almost any other of my adult-life vacations, this has NOTHING to do physics, and so, no, the government is NOT paying me to go.

Instead, my dear sister Amy, best friend Bethany, family friend Anna, and I are off to Al Hoceima, Morocco, to spend two weeks building a house. We are so, so excited to bless the two women who will live in our house. We are pumped to see AFRICA and an Arabic culture. We are thrilled to try our hand at construction in June in a desert (really).

I also am super stoked (I'm running out of "excited" synonyms) to see the Mediterranean, drink mint tea, haggle over carpets, and attempt to use Spanish in the real world. Mmmhmmm. Guess that means I should review Spanish... (It's really too bad that Moroccans and Spaniards don't speak German--I'm much better at that!)

After our humanitarian pursuits, Amy and Anna are flying home, while Bethy JO and I play tourist in Morocco and Spain for another five or six days. We're ironing out the details, but I'm hoping for a day at least in Fez and a day or so in Madrid!

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catherine said...

this is so exciting! good for you :)