Thursday, January 8, 2009

Last full day in WA...another trip to glorious Seattle.

Earlyish on the morning of January 2nd, David and I set out in the gold van for a day in the Emerald City. We stopped off in Tacoma to buy coffee from Amy, and switch Minivan for Cute Truck With a Washing Machine in the Back. (Clearly the better option.) (The washing machine is not allowed to leave the truck unless it is into the dump.) (Wonder if that's happened yet!)

I love my bro, and we had a fab drive around the Sound. We parted ways at the UW Bookstore, where he went off to buy books and prepare for senior year winter quarter, and I met Catherine for my second coffee of the day, at our dear old 47th and the Ave Starbucks. She is now a grad student at USC, back for her first Christmas break! We had a lively chat, and were joined by Laura and Chelsea for a bit. Aaw yay roommates! Sadly, the camera remained unnoticed in my backpack. Schade!

In my half an hour between engagements, I walked briskly up to 45th and over to UW. My dear old stomping grounds! How many (4) wonderful years I spent there! Aaaaaw! Clearly, I appeared to be a tourist or an incoming student--an LDS missionary politely accosted me. I politely continued photographing:

George and the Olympics:
Good ol' George and the Olympics.

and the lady pointing the way to my old bus stop:
I used to see her almost every day!

Levi, not-brother David, and Adrienne met me at CEDAR'S [AMAZING WONDERFUL FABULOUS] Indian restaurant on 50th and Brooklyn. I do believe that I've eaten there *every* visit home. I always get either mango or coconut lamb curry and bottomless incredible chai. (If you're counting, this is my third caffeinated drink this morning.) These people are UW Swing Kids (and then just Seattle swing!) buddies. After lunch, we shopped a bit in the vintage clothing stores the Ave offers, the *new* Urban Outfitters (thank goodness it wasn't there when I was--my budget can barely afford it NOW), and the UW Bookstore. Sweetness.

Next up, I met brother David, his ex-roommate Matteo, and Matt's wife Jennifer at Oasis on the Ave (new to me!), where I found them sitting by this man:
David shows me his man Johnny.


What did I drink at Oasis? What is missing from my Udistrict, and in fact Seattle, experience?
BUBBLE TEA! My Udistrict fav.
Yep. Red bean Bubble Tea. :)

They left me to wander for the rest of the afternoon with just my iPod and camera. Here are some results:
Shiny Red Square: very hazardous to your health!
Physics courtyard!!
The Peanut in the physics courtyard.
View of the Needle from physics courtyard:
Needle from the physics courtyard
And view of Olympics under I-5 from physics:Olympic Mountains behind I-5
Goodness...why did I leave?!

Finally, I kissed the UDist goodbye, got on a 72, and bussed downtown.
Sun on the bus

I holed up in Starbucks on 4th and Seneca in a super comfy chair and knitted away--with DECAF TEA. In the evening, I bussed to visit my dear friend Bethany for dinner, at her new apartment, with her new husband. I know her from mutual friends and swing, but we grew close over swing, knitting, Jesus, physics, and the Gilmore Girls! We had a delightful meal (with DECAF coffee), played with her kitties, and then she drove me to the 10:30pm ferry.


I woke up sick on the 3rd, which was extra sad, as I had to fly back to Jersey. :( The extra extra sad part was that I couldn't eat the amazing lunch Mum was going to make for me. :( :( But, I cuddled and had quiet time with each family member, and especially Maddie. Saying goodbye to them is always hard, but after seeing Marley and Me...saying goodbye to Maddie was REALLY hard! <3 The silly dog wouldn't actually look at me when I kissed her head goodbye...she knew I was leaving. Sigh. (Ashley briefly looked up from her nap to mew at me.)

I had a terrific trip and love you all so much! I am rather glad to be living out of my dresser and closet again, in my own bed, and back to my eating, exercising, and working schedule. But wouldn't it be nice to have the family AND that?? Someday...

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