Saturday, February 9, 2008

Yarn Over, I will master thee.

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Oh man. Another friend is having a baby. Amazing! (I doubt she reads this. Stop reading, if you're pregnant and might be getting a blanket from me!)

I started the Rainbow Blanket from Knitting Pattern a Day Calender 2008 (It was on January 7th.) yesterday, and made pretty good progress today on the way to and from NY to see Spamalot (hilarious).

HOWEVER, I didn't realize until two whole pattern repeats in that I was doing the yarn-over stitch incorrectly, and thus really not getting the pattern on the picture.

Now, I'm the lazy/creative type of knitter who refuses to frog what one has spent three hours painstakingly stitching. I prefer to work with my mistakes, instead of taking two steps back and fixing them. Therefore, I will just symmetrically make the same mistake. It will be fiiiiiine.

I'm going to work the yellow in there somehow. I have ideas.


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